Monday, June 9, 2014

weekend baking fun

This weekend was pretty chill and yet productive.

On Saturday morning Emerson and I went on our weekly grocery shopping trip. He's such a good shopping buddy. After we got home I put him down for his nap right away and he slept until it was time to go to Bee's first birthday party. The little girl I baby-sit turned one on Saturday so of course we were excited to go celebrate with her. We arrived after most everyone else was there [woops] but as soon as Bee saw Emerson her face light up into a huge smile, she clapped her hands, and giggled and squealed in pure delight. That girl loves E. It was the cutest thing ever. Emerson was a little shy around lots of new people but soon warmed up and was happy to play with Bee and the other babies there. He even helped her with her birthday presents... he's such a helpful little guy. After she opened the gift he brought for her they fought over it. I'm just glad they get along so well. I'm also glad his gift for Bee was such a hit. helps that I know she loves Minnie Mouse and books, to have both is a sure win, and she sure thought so. She wanted those books more than anything else she got [while we were there at least :] -which makes me feel pretty good about the gift selection.

source -though I found them at TJ Maxx for just a few bucks! 

After we got home it stormed up a big storm and I baked up a mini storm in the kitchen that evening. It was pretty successful on the baking front with yummy raspberry muffins and English muffin loaves. Sadly, my batch of yogurt died and I had to throw it out. My second attempt at yogurt making this weekend was no better and by Sunday evening I watched as six dollars went down my drain. Such a shame. But... I'm not giving up yet and got some more stuff to try again. I am going to master this yogurt making business. I am. And when I do I will let you know all about it.

Sunday was pretty slow and even [can I say?] a bit boring. Even the hubs agreed. But that's just the kind of day it was. We made it through by hanging out in the kitchen while I baked some banana bread for the next few days.

So weekend recap:
- went grocery shopping
- went to a birthday party
- took some naps [well, at least someone did...]
- baked raspberry muffins
- baked English muffin loaves
- ruined two batches of yogurt
- baked banana bread

Yes. That sounds like my kind of weekend. How was yours? What kept you busy/relaxing? Which ever it was, hopefully it was a good one! Happy Monday :)


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

We love banana bread!!! Sounds delish!

Alisha said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend in my book! Slow weekends are sometimes the best.

I love little grocery shopping buddies too! Makes the trip much more enjoyable!

Lauren said...

yum! this all sounds delicious...I just love homemade baked goods!