Friday, July 11, 2014

a sunset and an apple dessert

The other night after I put Emerson down for bed I went outside to enjoy the show that was going on around me. 

Every night, when I look into the evening sky, I am reminded and amazed at the beauty that God creates. We can see it so clearly, so perfectly, from our little house. The sky is always painted with strokes of deep pinks and purples, oranges and blues. Some big, some small. From behind the clouds the sun magnifies these colors and the puffy white clouds are lined in a rich pink and orange. 

With these clouds and in each sunset I am reminded of God's faithfulness and goodness to us. Combine a glorious sunset with a tasty after dinner apple pie treat and it makes for a completely enjoyable evening. 

I hope you all get to enjoy a lovely Summer evening [or a few] this weekend complete with a sunset and a little ice-cream. 

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Lauren said...

what a perfect evening! a sunset with apple pie sounds pretty amazing right about now!