Wednesday, July 30, 2014

hugs and kisses

The weather has been good to us once again and Emerson and I were able to enjoy a nice little walk to the park and play there for a while this morning. That boy loves to explore and climb and wander. Most mornings we have the park to ourselves as it is apparently too early for anyone else to be out and about. But that's fine with us, we enjoy the space to explore safely.

After a walk back home we played in Emerson's bedroom until his nap time. he would bring be books to read together, climb on my back, wrap his soft little chubby toddler arms around my neck and smile so big showing of his adorable little dimples. Then he would wander off and play on his own for a few minutes. But after a few minutes he would come over to me, crawl into my arms, wrap his sweet little arms around me, look me in the eye, open his mouth into a big smile, and then lean in for a big kiss. After he was done giving me a hug and a kiss he would smile so big, all proud of himself, and waddle off to play or read on his own. A few minutes later he would come back over to me and give me another hug and kiss... all morning long.

Oh, how sweet and precious are his soft little arms and legs that wrap me up in a hug. How big, wet, and sloppy are his adorable kisses. Oh, how I love that boy. Oh, how I am so thankful for his life and the joy that he brings to all around him.

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Sarita @ it's a girl's world said...

Stopping by from the linkup. What a precious boy you have!
Come by and say hi

Sarita @ it's a girl's world said...
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Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Oh toddler hugs and kisses are the best. Hard to beat that. So very adorable he is.