Tuesday, July 22, 2014

my gooseberry Emerson is 18 months

I know I say it any time I post an update about Emerson, but I just can't help it: I can't believe he is so big already! It's crazy I tell you! One minute he's my little gooseberry and the next he's running all over and getting into everything. Oh, if only he could stay little forever [but not really, because he is supposed to grow up :].

There are so many things that he is up to these days and I'm sure I'll forget some of them, but this is my attempt to try and record what he is doing now.

Shenanigans. You are into everything. You especially like helping me "organize" the pantry. It's really quite helpful. You empty the shelves and through things onto the floor while I fix lunch or dinner. Recently, you've started climbing the shelves in the pantry to reach things that I tried to keep out of your reach. But, you are clever and smart, so there really is no safe zone for you right now when it comes to the kitchen. You have climbed the ottoman in your bedroom and love sitting up there rocking back and forth, all while giving me multiple little heart attacks. Yesterday you climbed up onto a kitchen chair and from that onto the table. You were so proud. And I was a little terrified. Needless to say, you like to climb. At the playground, you prefer the big kid side and climb all the way to the top. Scares me to death.

Playing. Play time is pretty much an all day affair. It doesn't matter where you are, you will find something to play with, often times you prefer a box or an empty milk jug to your toys.

On the go. You are nonstop little man. From the minute I get you up in the morning to the minute I lay you down at night, you are running, climbing, 'talking', doing... always doing something. You are not one to sit still for any length of time. There is just too much for you to see and do.

Helping. When I do laundry you like to tag along and help. You are pretty good about putting things in the dryer, although sometimes you like to take the wet clothes out... but, we're working on it. You are very good at taking the dry clothes out and you'll even push the baskets for me if I ask you to. You have started helping me when I bake. We made baked oatmeal for supper the other night and you wanted to help. Just last night I was making gooey butter cake and you wanted me to hold you so you could help. I pulled up a chair right next to me and you helped mix everything together and got to snack on a few chocolate chips while helping. Your Daddy came home while you were helping me and he thought it was so cute how you were standing up next to me in the kitchen [I did too :].    

Growing. You, little one, are growing! Some days I feel as though I can see you grow. You are 33 inches tall and weigh a whole 22.5 pounds. You are wearing size 3 diapers [though you can wear 4s too] and are in 12 month size clothes. You're wearing size 3 shoes right now, but I think your little feet are growing as your shoes are starting to get a little snug. You have the cutest shoes right now, I just want them to fit you until the end of the year, but that probably won't happen.

Teeth. Your mouth is full of teeth. And this, I am very sorry to say, is one thing I have done a really poor job at recording. I feel like your teeth just pop in and and I don't write it down and then I forget or you have another tooth coming in... I've looked at past updates and pictures and gotten most of your first teeth, and I'm trying to do better about the ones yet to come. Although, you have seemed to sprout teeth overnight and I'm not sure I've gotten them all recorded. Sorry buddy. [Please tell me I'm not alone on the whole recording teeth thing.]

Speech. So far, your vocabulary consists of: Mama, Dada, wa-wa -for water, bye, ba -for Boady, bread, banana, breakfast, book, block, and any other 'b' word, and sometimes yeah for yes. You are starting to say other sounds like: pop [though it sounds more like 'pa' for poppy, ga for grammy [you've just said that once]. I have a feeling that one of these days you'll just start talking in complete sentences even though your vocabulary is still quite tiny. Though, you understand nearly everything we say. When I ask if you want to go outside, you'll go get your shoes and stand by the door, or if you want breakfast you'll walk towards the kitchen, if I tell you to drink some water you'll take a drink, when I ask you to give Boady a treat you go find his bag of treats... You understand so much! We were having supper at Grammy and Poppy's a few nights ago and Grammy kept asking you questions: do you like your dinner? Did you have fun at the beach? Do you love Boady? ... for each question you nodded your head yes. Then she asked if you wanted to sleep with her and Poppy that night, you shook your head no. When we went to the doctor yesterday you sat in my lap and as the doctor was talking and asking questions you just nodded your head yes to everything he was saying: do you like climbing? do you like running? are you a good eater? do you like to eat fruit? .... and you just sat there nodding your head like you understood every word. One day your words will come. One day young lad.

Sleep. You are a great sleeper -when we are home. You pretty much sleep through the night every night and it couldn't make me happier. Occasionally you'll wake up in the night, but it's rare. You go to bed around 7 - 7:30 and usually wake up around 6, sometimes a little earlier and sometimes a little later. I am working on getting you to stay in bed until 6:30 and then moving it gradually to 7. 6 is just so early. But, at least you are sleeping well at night. You are still taking two naps a day, one in the morning around 10 and you'll usually sleep until 12, though sometimes it's even later. Then you'll take another nap usually around 3 or 3:30. This nap is typically shorter and sometimes you just sleep for 15 minutes but you stay in your bed and play. You just get a little cranky most afternoons and after a nap or quiet time you seem in better spirits. I am more than happy to give you two naps a day for as long as you like [please don't stop anytime soon, k, thanks :].

Favorites. Reading books -you LOVE your books! You have a few favorites and You remember what certain books say. One book always ends with a kiss and when we get to that page you look at me, smile a big open mouth smile, and then give me a big ol' kiss on the mouth. Adorable. One book has the whole alphabet on one page and I sing it every time you open to that page. It's one of your favorite pages. Or a fox in one book or an elephant in another [you recognize an elephant and make the little "phrooo!" sound and raise your arm]. Cars are starting to interest you a little more these days and you go "bbbrrrroooommmm" when you push them. Being outside. Looking at pictures of other babies -especially on Instagram and especially little videos of them. Playing with your friend Bee. Water. Unpacking [aka taking things out of bags]. Going on walks. Playing at the park. Boady [sadly the feeling is not mutual].

Sweetness. Sometimes you'll just come over and give me a hug and a kiss or a cuddle. I love it when you do that. Or you'll bring a book over and climb into my lap.

Dislikes. Having your diaper changed. Having to be still to get dressed. Being hungry [though who likes that?]. Brushing your teeth. Being told no.

...and I'll stop there.

Yesterday you turned 18 months. A whole year and a half little man! You are just doing so much these days it's hard to keep up with it all! Each day your little personality shows more and more and I fall more in love with you. You are a blessing and a gift from God and I am so thankful and blessed to be your mama. I pray that you grow up to know, love, and serve Jesus, and I pray that we can be good examples by showing and teaching you how to follow after Christ. I pray that you are respectful, honest, pure, and brave. You are bundle of joy and a blessing to all who know you. I love spending my days with you and am blessed to be your mama. I love you a bushel and a peck little one. I love you to the stars and back.


Alisha said...

What a sweet post! He is just adorable, and oh-so-sweet! I loved this update. (And, am glad I am not the only one that has lost count of the number of teeth their child has gotten...). :)

Lauren said...

so sweet! Elyse loved playing with empty milk jugs as well! Some of our grocery stores have started carrying the little pint jugs and I've even washed out a few of them to keep for her little play kitchen! she loves those things!

And momma cling on to two naps as long as you can. We finally got rid of Elyse's morning nap at about 20 months...and I am SOOOO thankful it lasted as long as it did!

Meghan said...

The speech part sounds just like my Noah. Says a few words but understands EVERYTHING! One day the words will come :). Man do you have a great sleeper! Enjoy those two naps as long as you can!

Antoinette Musik said...

Oh my goodness you little man is gorgeous!! LOVED reading this post as my daughter is also 18 months. How amazing is this age?? My little girl is also not saying too many recognizable words but am not worried as she understands absolutely everything which is whats important. There is such a wide range of normal.

Following ya!

Antoinette xx

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