Wednesday, July 23, 2014

observations on picture taking after baby

A lot of things have changed in my life and in our home since Emerson was born, and rightly so, things should and need to change. These changes are all good and wonderful [well... most of them anyhow, I could go without the occasional toddler throw up and such]. Most of the changes I anticipated and happily welcomed. But there is one thing that changed that I have recently noticed; there are no longer pictures of just me by my lonesome or of me and Landon with no baby or other people. There are no pictures of just Landon [not that he cares, he hates picture taking time] by his lonesome. Truth be told, I really don't mind, in fact, I love the pictures of the three of us together or of Emerson and me, but it does make it tricky when it comes time for me to find a picture of me by myself [which is hardly ever] because there are none. Crazy. Anyhow, that's my observation. 

One of my only recent 'alone pictures' isn't even alone, it's with a cake. Though, I suppose that's fairly appropriate :) 

Another observation when it comes to pictures: there are a lot more of Landon and Emerson together or Emerson with grandparents and other family members than there are of me and my little gooseberry. The reason being, I'm the one taking pictures which of course means I'm not going to be in the picture. But occasionally as I'm looking through our pictures I wish I had a few more of me and Emerson [or us as a family of three]. It's so easy to get the sweet little living life shots of Landon and Emerson, I just follow them around and take a few pictures while they walk, play, read, hold hands, hug, cuddle... But because Landon is a guy and not too keen on pictures to begin with -and because he just thinks differently than I do- it is hard to find pictures of me holding hands with Emerson as we walk, or of him giving me a kiss, or of him sitting in my lap while we read. Things that we do each and every day that I would LOVE to have captured - aren't. Occasionally I'll ask Landon to take some pictures for me, but by the time he get the camera Emerson is off and running or something. There are a few times Landon has thought to [or after being asked to] take a picture of me with E, but they are few. 

I love when I do ask him to take a picture of us because we might get a keeper like this one :) 

When we are with his family his mom takes TONS of pictures of Emerson: by himself, with Landon, with his sisters and other family members... and of course they are all adorable. Occasionally she will take one of me with Emerson, but sometimes I wish there would be a few more pictures of the two of us: when he hugs me tight or laughs with me. But she probably thinks that because I see him and spend time with him every day I don't need [or want?] those pictures of us? It's not something that upsets me or anything, just an observation. She loves seeing her son as a daddy. I get that. I love seeing him as a daddy and he is an amazing daddy, which is why I like to take loads of pictures of the two of them together too. 

Anyhow, those are my thoughts and observations about pictures with your baby and such.... Come back in two days and I'll have super helpful tips on picture taking for friends and family of new mamas. I would share it with you all now, but I've already rambled on for a little bit, so I'm sparing you from a super long post. You're welcome. It's really gonna be something though, so you should get excited :). 



Rachel Lynn said...

The thought hadn't even occurred to me!! Being days away from our new little, I think this is a convo I need to have with my hubby. He needs to step it up with the picture taking! Even if it's just his phone. As much as it's a struggle for you, I'm really glad you posted this so I can benefit :) or try to...your hubby sounds like mine :/

Amy said...

Totally. There are so many pictures of Luke & Cash or Cash with my parents. I literally have to remind Luke to take a picture of Cash & I together. Ha! :)