Thursday, July 3, 2014

oh, nail polish you are pretty but ...

Today I'm talking about serious stuff. Nail polish. I know, I get deep and serious around here. Especially on this fine morning in July.

Ever since I was old enough to start painting my nails I have and have loved it. It's a fun little way to bring some color into your life. To this day my toe nails will always be painted, even in the middle of Winter. But, my finger nails... not so much. It's not that I don't love the pretty colors or having painted nails, it's just that I have a problem with patience when it comes to letting the paint dry. Pretty much without fail, every single time I paint my nails, no matter how still I keep my fingers and no matter how long I go without touching something, at least one of the nails will smudge. Don't ask me how this happens, it just does. For an example see below:

[please ignore the poor paint job I did on my thumb... I still struggle with painting my right hand. 
and I haven't washed my hands yet to get it all nice and pretty.]

This big old smudge happened approximately 2 minutes and 47 seconds after I finished painting my nails. Of course it would be the one time I spill a cup of water and have to mop it up -with fresh nail polish. But of course, after you get such a big smudge, you have to fix it. Then you have the problem of rubbing the nail polish off without rubbing it off other nails. It's so touchy really.

Usually it happens because I have to wash dishes, fix dinner, change a diaper, do laundry, or just do something. And even if I think the polish is dry, it isn't and the smudge happens. It seems to be intensified with a baby around. Not that I mind. It just means that I hardly ever paint my nails any more.

So this morning, Emerson and I were wasting time at Target when I happened across a new little wonder. I'm not one to usually give in and purchase things I don't need but after looking at this I decided I really did need it. For all of two-ish dollars I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a go.

I think the smudge could have been prevented had I sprayed my nails sooner, sadly the smudge happened as I was on my way to do just that. You know, the spilling water and all. However, after having used it [all of 20 minutes ago] I can say that I'm already quite impressed with it. I waited a minute or two after painting my nails then just sprayed a little bit on each nail. Immediately the paint was set and dry. No room for smudging. Color me impressed. [Who knows what is in this spray, but I like it!] This might be the key to more painted nails for me. 

Now the true test is to see how long the paint actually lasts before it starts to chip off and if it is easily removable with nail polish. Typically it'll last a day or two for me [another reason it's not really worth it for me to paint my nails]. But as far as drying goes, I'd give it a 10 and an "I like it very much."

What about you? Have you ever used this product before? One like it? What are your thoughts on it? Are you a nail painter? What are your tricks for drying/getting it to stay on for longer than 24 hours? Do you have issues with nail polish too? 

Aren't you so glad you stuck around for some serious thoughts from me today? ;)


Sara McCarty said...

I never get my nails done for the same reasons. I can't ever keep the polish on for more than a day or two. And I ALWAYS smudge them right away. So frustrating. Definitely let me know if this product works. I might have to give polish another try.

Alisha said...

I am the same way with painting my fingernails! I am going to have to try that stuff. My toes are always painted... seriously, I don't think my toenails have been bare since elementary school. Can't wait to pick this stuff up!

Susannah said...

I hate painting my nails for all the reasons you just mentioned but I LOVE the look of painted nails. I may have to go get myself some of this spray.

Lauren said...

Love this idea...I actually saw someone mention that they used Pam cooking spray for the same purpose and it worked wonderfully! I'm gonna have to try the PAM spray next time!