Friday, July 18, 2014

on packing for the beach

I don't consider myself an expert or truly talented in many areas of life, but there is one thing I take pride in and consider myself to be pretty darn good at: packing. I have been packing since I was a wee lass. Granted I'm sure the first few times I packed my suitcase it contained a few paris of clothes, maybe some pajamas, and my stuffed pigs. Goodness knows you can't leave home without all twenty of your stuffed piggies. Needless to say, I've improved, substantially over the past decade. 

But when it comes time to pack for the beach, I am hopeless. Truly hopeless. 

For any other trip I'm good. Say for example we're going to visit my in-laws for Christmas; I know we'll be gone for x amount of days so I pack for that many days. And I pack clothes I know I will wear: jeans, long sleeve t-shirts, sweaters, a hoodie, and socks. If we know we're going somewhere nice [like church] I'll pack a dress or nice pants. Simple. And I wear everything I pack. 

If we go for a visit in the summer, I pack a pair of jeans, some shorts, a few skirts just cause I like wearing them, and t-shirts for each day with an extra to spare [and of course the necessities like pajamas, underwear, and soap...]. And I wear everything I pack. 

However... when we go to the beach it's an entirely different story. I know we'll be gone a week, so I know that means seven different clothes combinations [I believe in wearing something -other than a shirt- more than just once]. But when we go to the beach in addition to the shorts or skirts I would normally wear, I feel like I must include some nicer, dressier clothes, you know for when we go out for dinner at night. I think I feel this way because we go with Landon's family and his parents and sisters always dress up so fancy... and I'm the one in shorts. Just a little under dressed. Not that I don't like skirts, mine just aren't as fancy as theirs... Anyhow, that just means I have to pack for the possibility of wearing something nicer out to dinner. And of course it can't be the same skirt five nights in a row like I would normally wear at home. But the problem is, I like simple and non-fancy. It's just me. 

see what I mean? I'm the one in plain shorts and a t-shirt. No fancy clothes for me....

And I have to be sure to include a pair of just plain old comfy [work out -even though I never wear them to work out in] shorts to wear around [I am not the type of person who can just sit around in my bathing suit all day long. If I know I'm not going to be near water for a lengthy amount of time, I'll change, I can't stand sitting in a wet -or dry- swimsuit for long]. And of course some tank tops to go with them. 

And you just never know what you're going to actually feel like wearing on any given night so you have to include options. What if I don't feel like wearing my blue flowered skirt and pink top? Or my gray shorts and green shirt? But I have to wear them because I only have the seven days of clothes packed and that's all I have to wear ... but I just really don't feel like it. 

It really is such a dilemma, I know [and yes, I know this is a very deep and serious issue that affects millions around the world... you should know that I'm completely joking]. But do you get what I'm saying?! Do any of you have a similar problem when it comes time for you to pack for the beach? At least I know I'm not completely alone because one of my sisters said she does the same thing I do. But I'm wondering if it's just something we face or if it's an issue that other ladies struggle with. 

And.... then your hubby comes in the room, grabs two paris of nice shorts, a few nicer shirts, some basketball shorts, a few t-shirts, swimming trunks, and he's done. In five minutes. There is no standing in front of his closet for an hour trying to decide what to take and make outfits in advance. No, taking multiple clothing options. No "what if I don't feel like wearing that so I'll take this" outfits. So simple. And yet, I can't do it. Men.... sheesh ;) 

Welp. That's all I have to say about that. But I seriously would love to know if I am alone in this or if any of you know what I'm talking about. But then again, maybe not, because if you don't that might make me feel really crazy and such... 

Anyhow.... I hope you all have a lovely weekend!! 

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Rachel Lynn said...

For me it's an issue packing in general. Forget the beach, anywhere I go....and inevitably one day I won't want to wear anything I brought.....maybe it's a girl thing?