Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the park with farm animals

This weekend we did a lot of this and that, you know, a typical weekend. But we also did one new fun thing: we went to a petting zoo. There are dozens [literally] of parks where we live. They love parks so much here that they even put up signs on tiny plots of land that say, "Mini Park VI". We don't mind, we love parks too, and it's especially nice that all of the parks are so nice and so well taken care of. 

But there was one park we hadn't been to until this past weekend, and that was the one with farm animals. It's pretty much the best park ever in the world. There is a free [free!] petting part that is open every evening and in addition to a bunch of animals to walk around and visit. The are animals out all day long, you just can't pet them unless they come up to you [or unless it's a chicken].  

We thought it would be so fun to take Emerson to see all of the farm animals. One of his favorite books to read is "Farm Animals", he looks at the pictures and waits for me to say, "moo. baa. oink. neigh." you get the idea. He especially loves the turkey [or maybe it's just my gobbling that he loves so much :]. Anyhow, we thought it would be neat to let him actually see the animals in real life.

He wasn't too sure about actually petting the animals, but oh, he loved looking at them!

The baby goats were especially neat, I think he liked them because they were small and they didn't move.

The donkey was really sweet, but a little on the big and scary side for Emerson this time.

After we were finished petting the animals we walked around to see all of the other animals. That is what Emerson really loved. he would walk up to one group of animals and then run over to the next and then the next. Then he would run back to the first one and back and forth between the ducks and the goats. I think he liked it.

There were several mini horses and donkeys there. I Love mini horses. They're just so perfectly adorable. I had never seen one so tiny as this one though. He's just so cute. ... perfect size for Emerson. ...I wonder how much a mini horse costs? Maybe we need a new pet. just kidding. sort of.

 There were bunnies and birds and ducks and goats. Sheep and donkeys and pigs. There was even a llama. 

The pigs were so friendly and just wanted to sniff your hand. Though Emerson may not look like he enjoyed the pigs, he loved when there snout kissed his hands.


The ducks were especially entertaining. They even quacked for us.


The turkey gobbled and gobbled. He started to puff up and then all of the sudden, "gobble!" It was pretty neat, but apparently the [un-pictured] llamas were more fascinating at the time.

We also go to see cows, chickens, a peacock, [and pet] horses, and fish.  It was such a fun way to spend the evening. The next time we go we're going to take his farm book and hopefully that will help him connect the pictures in the book to the real animals he sees. We are excited and can't wait to go visit the animals again. It is amazing that it is free to the public!

Have any of you seen "Parks and Recreation"? Um, I feel like there is a real live Leslie Knope that runs the parks department here. And I love it! 

Happy July to you all!! 


Sarah said...

Aw! That a fun little park! Looks like a great time was had by all! Love that mini horse too!

Alisha said...

What an adorable place to take Emerson, beyond adorable. Looks like he had so much fun. PS: I love Parks & Rec --- wishing we had our own Leslie around too! :)

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Oh these are so precious!!