Friday, July 4, 2014

the worst wife ever [aka: me.]

A few nights ago after Emerson was snoozing away in bed Landon decided to lay down on the couch for a bit before he headed out to play basketball. He has done this before [most weeks before ball actually], so I thought nothing of it. I just woke him up when he asked me to. That's when he said he didn't feel all too great and might stay home.

Not even thirty minutes later, he was sick. An hour later, even sicker. And it got progressively worse. At one point he said he needed to go to the doctor -it was that bad. However, doctors aren't open in the middle of the night, just the emergency room is, so we waited a little bit and called the an emergency nurse line they have here and she said to bring him to the ER. So, I called his sister [who is a nurse] to get her opinion. We stayed home and he was told to drink, drink, drink water.

The whole time Landon was sick that night, I was just sitting at the kitchen table working on a sewing project asking if he was ok every now and again [though he was obviously not]. When he needed something, I would get it for him and then throw it to him [or in his direction] ... my intention was to stay as far away as possible. I didn't want whatever it was that he had. It hit him so suddenly and was so very very horrible and awful. I didn't go sit by his side, take his temperature, rub his back, tuck him in... any of that stuff that I feel like people do for someone when they are sick. I left him alone. See? Great wife, huh? ...though I did stay up with him pretty late -sewing away as he was sick. I'm such a good wife and care taker. ha.

If he touched something I Lysoled [is that even a word?] it and kept as far away from him as possible. The next morning I took Emerson to Target and we walked around and picked a few things up for Landon [you know the usual sick stuff: Gatorade, Sprite, Saltine crackers...] and spent a few hours doing so until it was time for Emerson's nap. I wanted out of the contaminated house as much as possible. After lunch we left again and went to a few more stores to browse and then to the petting park to see the ducks and pigs.

Pretty much Emerson and I had a nice long fun day together doing things out and about that we never usually do. I can't complain about that.

In addition to being out and about with Emerson, I also prayed the whole day long that it was food poisoning and not a virus. I didn't want to get it and it would be so awful if Emerson did. And that's what I thought and prayed all day. Oh, and that Landon would feel better soon too. But see? Wishing and praying that my hubby has food poisoning? Horrible wife. Praying that we don't get it was all that I could think about. I'm still praying that, though we are fairly certain it was food poisoning [and I'm still scrubbing our house clean and disinfecting everything].
Though, this experience has reaffirmed my wise decision to not be a nurse. I can deal with some things, just not the sick sick part. Maybe I could have made it as a labor and delivery nurse or something like that.... but yeah. When he was sick I turned the music up and focused even more intently on my sewing than was really necessary. I couldn't deal with the sick. Oh goodness.

In fact, I was wishing our basement had a bathroom. That way he could stay far far away from us for a few days until he was better. Like I said, worst wife ever.

What do you do when your hubby is sick? Are you a sweet nurse and tend to his every need? Or do you throw things his way, make sure he has what he needs and then run, like I did? haha. yeah.

Anyhow, on a happier note: Happy Fourth of July!! Have a fun weekend!


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Haha, oh man. I definitely fall in between I'd say. I tend to give him his space in the bedroom and sleep in the guest room. Try to keep Ais as quiet as can be but I check up on him a lot. I'm also always trying to make him to go to the doctor.

kelseylynae said...

Ha. This is totally me. I don't do puke…at ALL. Like not even a little bit. The last time Brent got sick he was at worship practice and it hit him. So he called and let me know. I made a bed for him on the couch, I drug a fan into our bedroom [to drown out the noise…since our other bathroom was under construction], and set out clorox for him. It was awful. He was so sick. And I was so pregnant. And all week I prayed Blythe and I would not get it. I wiped down every surface I could think of all week long. I got him a new toothbrush. I bought him sprite. And we stayed the heck away [we also left the house!]. I hear ya! Hope Landon is feeling better though :)

Lauren said...

haha! totally not the worst wife ever. I am usually the one saying things like "are you really sick?", "how bad do you really feel?"...mainly because my husband is the worse patient ever and has a tendency to be a LOT dramatic when he has the smallest cold!

I always feel so bad when he truly is REALLY SICK! ha!

Alisha said...

Do not feel bad! I think every wife, especially ones with little kids try to stay as far away as possible. I do the exact same thing! Hope he is feeling better!!