Friday, July 25, 2014

tips for picture taking for new mamas

Okay, so the other day I was talking about pictures once you have a baby and all that stuff. I said I would share a few things about that and all so here I am, just sharing a few things about picture taking after a baby comes along ... my advice to all of you [new] mamas and all of you with mama friends [especially friends of mamas with newborn babes]: 

 one of many selfies we took... sometimes this is the best you can get... 

- ask where her camera is and if you could take some pictures for her during your visit. I'm pretty sure she'll be happy to tell you where it's at. Then, you go get it and keep it handy so you can take a few pictures while you're chatting away.

- take pictures for them with their camera, and take lots. Obviously these pictures should be ones of the mama and baby not just the baby [or toddler], because let's face it, the mama is probably already doing that. If the hubby is around, have him be in a few too. 

- take candid shots: is mama holding her baby and smiling into her eyes? click. Are they cuddling? click. Is she giving the baby a bottle? click. Are they playing on the floor? click.

- if you take pictures with your camera or phone send them to her.

- if you want to put a picture of her [and/or the baby] on some social media place, ask her and be sure to tag her.

- and of course, snap a picture of you with the little nugget, because it's always nice to have a nice little picture with a cutie patootie.

- if you are the new mama, don't be shy and not ask for someone to take pictures of you with your baby. They are something that you will cherish forever [though I will say this, if the picture is taken hours after the baby's birth then you might want to check the picture that is taken just to make sure you don't look like a big cheese ball with crazy hair... I speak from experience. The only family photo we have in the hospital is one of me hours after Emerson was born while I was still dopey and poofy from the drugs and other things they gave me for the c-section, with a mess of curls, and a very unflattering hospital gown ... I wish I had asked to check it and to have many others taken after I had finally showered. But I digress...]

I really should have thought of this before as I've had quite a few friends who've had babies and I failed to do this for them. But, I'm hoping that I'll remember in the future so that they can have some sweet little pictures with their little ones :)

Anyhow. That's what I think about that. Hopefully some of what I said is helpful to someone... or not...

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Amy Will said...

Great tips! I really don't think you can have too many newborn baby pictures (or too many pictures of your kids at any age) :) They grow up so fast - definitely times to treasure!

Amy @