Monday, August 4, 2014

a little fun in the sand and sun

The other day I started sharing about the start of our family vacation, we started visiting family and friends, it was nice to have enough distance between them to help break up the drive a bit on the way down to Florida. The horrible drive that was had on the way down helped us appreciate our arrival even more though, I know we were all so thankful to get out of that car! 

[*note: this post contains a lot of pictures. Don't say I didn't warn you :]

The first night we got in the Blue Angles had just finished a show. Unfortunately [but not really] we missed the show. My in-laws were driving in as the show was going on so they got to watch it from their car. But, it also meant that the traffic on the island was terrible and they pretty much were at a stand still until hours after it was over. While it would have been neat to see, I don't think it would have been as neat with a toddler who had been/still had to be strapped into his carseat all day long. Thankfully by the time we got to the island all of the traffic going in had cleared up and for once we were driving against it, shame for the people on the other side of the road...

We had ready and happy helping hands from my in-laws who had been there for a few hours already and we unloaded the car and let Emerson run free. He was a happy little guy to be on solid ground again. For dinner we ordered pizza and sat on the balcony enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean. So pretty! Pretty view, cool breeze, we were on vacation and it felt good. 

The following morning after getting ready for the beach we headed out to enjoy some sunshine and sand. There was a pool by our condo and we were hoping that Emerson would like it. He didn't. So we didn't spend too long there. Which in a way was kind of nice, it was a little stressful trying to keep up with him and not let him too close to the pool so he wouldn't fall in. The beach was our next stop and we hoped he would like it better. While he wasn't a fan of the ocean, he loved the sand and was quite taken with the little blow up pool his Grammy brought along for him.

And oh, we are so glad we had that pool for him. He especially liked it when someone else sat in it with him.

Our days were pretty much all the same: we spent the morning playing at the beach, went in for nap time and lunch, then back out for a few hours before his afternoon nap and supper. But each day was new and fun and the sweetest day. Emerson learned very quickly what the beach was and if we said we were going to the beach he would grab his shoes and go sit by the door. He loved being outside and having such a big place to play in the sand!

He was never lacking for attention or for someone to play with. Not only was Landon's family there, two other families they are friends with came that same week. Emerson had tons of attention and got anything he could possibly want. Though thankfully everyone was really good about asking me if it was okay for him to have this or that...

We built sandcastles and E loved to smash them right away and wait for another one to be made. We wanted so badly to bring some of that perfect white sand back home with us. If only we could...

Even though there were lots of family and friends there to play with Emerson and help us with him, it was still nothing like the days of going to the beach with no little one. No more laying out for hours in the sun or taking a nap. No more reading a book cover to cover. I quite liked the change of having a little beach buddy to play with and to see the world through his eyes, of playing in the sand and walking around. He brings so much joy into our lives. Oh, how I love him!

Most days, by the time everyone else had come down to the beach it was time for Emerson's morning nap. All of our efforts to get him to sleep on the beach were for naught. He wouldn't [won't] sleep unless he was in his bed. Thankfully though he took really good naps. ...most days.

And thankfully we had a really large balcony that looked out over the ocean. Each morning and afternoon I could still lay in the sunshine, enjoy a breeze, and read a book while still being close to Emerson. That's how I spent his nap times and I kind of even preferred it to being out at the pool or beach all day every day. It was a nice little break, once or twice I took up an offer from Landon's mom or dad and went to the pool while they stayed in the room, but mostly I enjoyed being up there.

The boy loved laying and rolling around in the sand. Loved it. Thank heavens for baby powder!

I don't know what we would have done if he didn't nap well, because he sure didn't sleep well at night. At all. I'm sure it was a combination of things: the pack n play, not his room, different sounds and surrounds ... but most nights he woke up at least twice. And when he woke up he didn't want to go back to sleep. I brought him into bed with us several times and he would start out cuddling or sleeping, but usually always ended up crawling over Landon or trying to play. Not okay. It was hard to let him cry himself back to sleep because we were in a condo with other family and we didn't want his cries to wake everyone else. So, it's just safe to say we didn't enjoy the night time part of our vacation and were so happy to be home.

Even Emerson was happy to be home and apparently really missed his bed. As soon as we got him and came upstairs he went straight over to his bed and tried to climb into it. He signed and asked me to help him into his bed. When I put him in, he just layer down and rolled around from one side to the other, grinning and giggling a little, letting squeals of delight. He fussed when I realized he needed a new diaper and took him out. The boy loves his bed. Don't we all?

A few afternoons and evenings we would go on walks, sometimes just me and E and sometimes a few others would join us. We love going on walks so it was nice to be able to do that even while on vacation.

In hopes of a smoother ride home we left in the middle of the night and drove as straight through as possible. We packed lunches so we could stop at a rest stop and let E run around. We made a few other stops and thankfully missed traffic and thankfully made really good time. Though we stopped in Kentucky for the night before driving the last bit to Illinois, it was a good stop and Emerson and Boady were able to run around in the backyard before driving some more.

And this is where I would leave you with a nice beach know how everyone always takes family beach pictures? But I won't because we don't have them, we had plans to take some, but the night we were going to [which also happened to be the last day we were there] it stormed and rained pretty badly. So sadly there are no beach pictures for us this year. Shame, but what can you do? At least we got some at a restaurant or two.

Blessed to be apart of this sweet family.  

Anyhow, that was our vacation. It was sweet and fun and restful [mostly ;] but it was good and wonderful and we loved spending a week with family.


Antoinette Musik said...

What a gorgeous beach! Gosh your little man is just the cutest.

Alisha said...

These pictures are adorable! Love them, the beach was breathtaking! :)

Lauren said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! and man, I remember Elyse's first beach trip and she didn't sleep AT ALL!! Naps were one thing, but nighttime was another. It was less than a happy time overnight! However, when we came home we started a new sleep method and things have been amazing from then on!