Friday, August 1, 2014

a short visit at grammy and poppy's

About two weeks or so ago we got to go on a little vacation to the beach. I've made a few mentions of it since returning, but I wanted to share a little bit more about it -pictures mostly, and mostly because I love being able to look back on things we have done and this was a big adventure for our little family. There will be loads of pictures -don't say I didn't warn you :) 

We packed up and left home on a Wednesday morning, right around Emerson's nap time. That's how we travel. When we know we have a long drive ahead of us, we plan around and leave at E's nap time[s]. Having some time in the car knowing that he is going to sleep is a wonderful thing. I had spent the past few days packing everything up and getting it all ready for our trip. We were going to be gone from home for nearly two weeks [which is why I didn't really mention it on the blog or share about being gone while we were gone, I don't like people knowing that we aren't home, you know?].

The drive to Kentucky went really well, E slept for half of it and watched his shows pretty happily for the second half after stopping and eating a full lunch. We mixed it up and had some Waffle House [as opposed to the usual fast food places], he likes breakfast foods and waffles in particular, and it's about as cheap as any other place so we enjoyed a nice little meal together before heading out again to finish the first part of our trip.

We were all happy to be at Grammy and Poppy's house, they were even more thrilled I think. Emerson roamed around in their big backyard getting all of his cooped up energy out. 

I LOVE this picture. And they love each other, in case you couldn't tell :) 

We stopped at Landon's parent's house first because we had to drop Boady off so they could take him to the doggie day care he was going to stay at -a little vacation of his own. ha. I'm pretty sure he didn't consider that week a vacation. At all. Anyhow, we got in on Wednesday afternoon and spent the evening chatting and what not. It was a nice little way to start the trip off. Emerson even got to do a little bit of swimming before getting to the beach. Lucky duck. 

After supper we enjoyed chit-chatting outside while watching the sunset -and while eating some yummy dessert. It was the perfect way to end the day. Afternoons and nights like those ones are my favorite kind and one thing I love about Summer.

The following morning some of Landon's extended family came over to visit and then we packed up, again, and headed to my grandparents house in Tennessee, which I shared about here

On Saturday morning as soon as the munchkin woke up we packed up the few things we had brought in and set out for the longest part of our drive -nine hours and we would [supposedly] be at the beach. If only it had worked out that way... We wanted to get on the road and ahead of traffic if possible so we ate breakfast in the car, all three of us. Emerson seemed to enjoy eating in the car and watching shows while we did our best to make good time and get to the beach.

 a selfie. by Emerson. 

Unfortunately for us our nine hour drive turned into an eleven hour drive. Traffic was horrible. The whole way. Oh, it was awful. I wasn't even driving and I was getting irritated. Emerson did really well for a long while but after about four or five hours he was ready to be done. We stopped, let him run around in a gas station here and there, and then kept on going. The last few hours were the worst -he was done. Nothing else to it. He wanted out [not that I blame him, I wasn't strapped in a car seat and I was done too]. Books, toys, shows, snacks, zippy cups, water bottles, new books, new toys did nothing. He threw them all out of his seat. Done. Thank goodness we had a few videos of him playing, that is the only thing that got us through. We watched those little clips over and over. That was one time I really wished I had a smart phone, he loves watching the little video clips that some of our friends post on Instagram -he watches them over and over [especially ones of the daughter of some friends who used to live in Louisville with us --he loves watching her, and giggles and laughs. He could watch them all day and not be tired of it. She is pretty darn adorable, as is her new baby sister so I am happy to let him watch them over ...I ramble...  :]. But I don't have a smart phone so we made do with the few I had of him. And then we finally got to the beach, nearly twelve hours after leaving that morning. And we were supposed to make it in nine or ten depending on the length of our stops. Sheesh. We were all so happy to be there!

And I'll stop there for now :) ...until next time. 

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kelseylynae said...

11 hours?! oh yuck. We just did 6.5/7 hours and that was plenty long, let me tell ya. Bravo for surviving. :) And Blythe loves watching clips of herself as well…and apparently so do others ;) Ha! I'm sure the beach was [almost] totally worth the drive? ORRRRR fly next time? ;)