Monday, August 11, 2014

a visit from grammy and poppy

Last week was full of visitors and fun. My parents left on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon Landon's parents and one of his sisters arrived to stay for a few days. One nice thing about them coming so close together was that the house was already cleaned, I just had to change the sheets on the air mattress. Our guests have it good I tell ya... 

Anyhow, they got in before dinner on Tuesday so we hung out for a little bit and then ordered a pizza for dinner that night and went on a little walk before it was time for Emerson to go to bed. 

The next day we went on a walk to the park and played for a while. After Emerson's nap we went to the petting park and had a little picnic before visiting the animals. Emerson loves walking around and looking at all of the animals, it is so cute to watch him watch the pigs or goats or miniature horses. We love that park and are so sad it's not going to be open any more this year. I'm sure by next summer when it opens up again he'll be able to say all of the animals names and sounds! Crazy to think about.

Emerson's feet are growing and when we told Landon's mom she thought we should go shopping. So after saying good-bye to the animals we went shopping to find some shoes for Emerson this fall and winter. While we didn't find any shoes we liked that fit E's feet, somehow Emerson came away with a stack of new clothes to wear over the coming months. He is set for church some play time. I'm not sure how he got the clothes and not the shoes? but I guess the boy will need clothes to wear this fall too. I even got to pick some of them out, so it was a fun little outing.

Landon't parents left the following morning right before Emerson's nap time. It was a short little visit, but we are glad they were able to come. After they left the house felt really empty, especially knowing that we won't be having any one over for a while. If only their visits had been spaced out a little further we could be looking forward to visitors for a little while longer. Or not.

< He LOVES this bunny. I'm pretty sure he could pet him all. day. long. And I'm pretty sure the bunny would like to be pet all day long. It's a shame we couldn't bring him home with us [and also a shame our dog doesn't love to be pet as much as this bunny does...] >

And after my in-laws left I got a box of shoes from one of my sisters -all the right size for Emerson right now, and perfect for playing and for church. Hopefully he won't outgrow them anytime soon, they are so cute!

And that's all I've got for today :)

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Courtney B said...

How fun!! We always love to have company, and Mia is spoiled rotten with all the extra attention when we do!