Monday, August 18, 2014

a weekend and a reminder

Like most of our weekends this one was pretty laid back. Since Bee has started coming to play each day, Emerson and I are having to go grocery shopping on Saturday instead of during the week- which I much preferred [have I mentioned how much I hate grocery shopping and how the grocery stores here are always so busy on the weekends?]. So Saturday morning right after breakfast [so about 8] we went off to get some groceries. The rest of the day we just hung out and did a little of this and that, including going for walks and playing at the park.   

On Sunday afternoon Emerson and I decided it would be fun to go out and find some stuff for a project I'm working on. We went to a few stores to see what our options were and ended up at Target [because it's just the best]. Anyhow, I forgot all about the semester starting soon and students moving back in. Needless to say, Target was a mad house. The only two places that were "safe" were the baby  and the food section. sheesh. But I braved the mothers and daughters looking for cute dorm room furnishings. I dodged the dads pushing carts piled high with chairs and comforters, towels and lamps. I squeezed past friends looking for coordinating goods for their apartment. 

I about had a melt down. I about left the store. 

*Bonus note about me: I don't do well with crowds of people. If there are loads of people around me I start clam up and can't think straight. I get anxious and start breathing really hard. I look for a paper bag. My brain forgets everything. I only look for the nearest escape. I can't function. Really and truly. [thus the reason I hate grocery shopping here ... ] 

But I didn't. I stayed because I was there and had been out for two hours looking for what I wanted and I knew they had it, and gosh darn it if I went home empty handed. Plus I knew what I was looking for was on sale. So, I found what I needed, stood to the side, and breathed deep breaths. I also talked about our options to Emerson, which I think helped me as I tried to drown out the millions of people playing bumper carts in the store. When I turned the corner to go check out the line was backed up to the card section, past where the cleaning stuff is and into the pet supply spot [I know each store is laid out differently, but you get what I'm saying, right?]. holy. smokes. Every single register was open. Every single register had a line. People were stopped. Waiting. Standing for their turn to check out. 

Not me. I wasn't about to wait in some crazy long line. So I said a few excuse me's and squished my way between the mothers and daughters, the fathers and sons, the friends, and the carts piled high with colorful goods. And I found no line on one of the very first registers and walked right up to it. Apparently when most people see a long line they stop at the very end and don't look towards the front registers to see if there is a shorter line. Eh, fine by me, it opened a spot up for me nice and quick. 

a little gem from the crazy shopping trip and a sneak peak at my project :) 

So that's my story about the one time I forgot it was almost move in day [Landon had told me he thought it was the following weekend... we both need to remember to look into that more next August]. 

That's also my reminder to never go shopping at Target [even though I love them so] the week before the semester starts. And I will need this reminder because the rest of my days I will most likely [that's the goal anyhow] live in a college town.  

How was your weekend? Did you have any fun trips? Are you the type of person who loves crowds -or who can at least properly function in them? Or do you start hyperventilating at the very thought of a crowd? Anyhow... 


The A Team said...

Good for you for pushing past your fears and pushing past people to get an empty check out!!! Our Target is always quiet, which is why I like to shop there.

Lauren said...

Ughh...we live in near a town that has one large university and several small ones. Move-in day is always the same for all three...and it's always a madhouse!! We avoid Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, and most restaurants on that weekend!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

That first pic, precious!! :)

Laura said...

I've been there! I used to be the same way. I've been known to not even park at the grocery store if the lot was full, and walk out of a store without my basket full of items if I got too overwhelmed. After a few years of hard core praying from the hubby and me, and getting my hormones in balance with a natural progesterone cream and Young Living oils, I can brave any crowd, even with a tired 3 week old. Yesterday was a HUGE milestone for me, and I couldn't stop thanking God for how far He's brought me. Hang in there!