Friday, August 29, 2014

I love organizing

Some days I think my life would be complete if I could be a real live professional organizer. If someone actually paid me to organize their house -that would be awesome. It makes my little heart happy when things are tucked away so nice and neat in their own little bin, basket, or box. I usually browse all of the bins and things that I could get any time I go to the store, because they are so pretty and happy. I never get them, but I dream about it. I dream about one day being in our permanent home and having all things nice and tidy in their pretty little box.

Not that our current home isn't nice and tidy [well, most days at least, we do have a toddler living with us, you know], but it isn't full of all of the nice little baskets I would love to have. That's mostly because even though I love organizing and I love all of baskets, they aren't always the cheapest. So I dream and look and go about my day.

However, I realized the other day that we will be living in this house for probably the next three years and that I should go ahead and make the most of what I have with, well, what I have. So I asked Landon if I could get a few little things to help make our house look a little neater and more put together, he said yes. So much excitement. There was a limit of course, but I figure by the time Christmas rolls around I'll be able to wish for and hopefully get some awesome new baskets and such. And that way by the time we actually move out in three years I'll have everything I need for this house done. ha.

For some reason when we lived in Louisville, even though we could have afforded it more easily, I never went out to get the nice bins and baskets and things. I think it's because I knew somewhere deep down, that we would only be in that house for a fe short years and didn't want to invest in something we couldn't enjoy for a long time. Maybe? I'm not sure. But it makes me sad I didn't really take advantage of what we had make our house even neater than it was.

Anyhow. All that to say, this weekend my plans include making ice cream for a little shindig we're going to at Bee's house, and organizing/tidying up some closet space. Pretty exciting if you ask me. And also, I love organizing. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share when I'm finished, but usually I'm too excited to start that I never take a before picture. Eh. Maybe this time?

Do you like pretty little [or big] baskets and giving things a special place of their own? Are your weekend plans super exciting or are you going to mostly chill? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy yourself!


Lauren said...

I love having everything in it's place...but it's so hard to spend money on that stuff sometimes! However, I MUST have my house organized or I go crazy...which is why I'm so thankful our new home has a playroom!

Susannah said...

I LOVE organizing too!!! Now I know what God has planned for you - you're supposed to move to the PNW and we're supposed to start an organizing business together. ;-)

kelseylynae said...

YES! Me too! We are heading to Nashville to visit my sister in November and she wants me to help organize their play room while I'm there! I can't wait! I told her to start collecting baskets now :)