Friday, August 22, 2014

in the morning when I wake

For a while now I have been setting my alarm [and actually getting up when it goes off] for 5:31. I try and give myself at least 30 minutes until I think Emerson might wake up in the morning [this is where you offer tips and tricks on how to get your kid to sleep in. ok? thanks]. While getting out of bed can sometimes be a battle -the covers are cozy, the sheets are inviting, the pillow so soft- most days I roll out from under the covers and shuffle my way into my happy place. I turn on the lamp, pull out my Bible and journal, open the blinds to see the sun start peaking above the houses and strokes of pink, purple, orange, or gold in the sky, and get comfy -but not too comfy because that would result in me promptly falling back asleep. 

I have come to cherish this time and if for some reason I don't wake up/hear my alarm/"sleep in" I miss the quiet of the morning. I miss enjoying the start of the day in prayer and the Word -and alone. When I wake up I need time to wake up. I'm not the type that is happy to see others in the morning [regardless of the hour], I need space, I need time. 

Though I didn't realize until this morning I had come to enjoy the early of the morning. This morning Landon woke up early to go into school [beat those college 'kids' moving in and all, you know?]. And  as he was getting ready, turning on lights, walking around, I found myself getting slightly irritated that he was 'disrupting' me. Even though he wasn't. Even though he was doing his own thing. It was just him starting his morning earlier than usual and I'm not used to that [though, he isn't either. ha]. 

In the quiet of the morning, give me Jesus. In the buzz of the day, give me Jesus. 


Amanda Klein said...

You are awesome!! On the mornings I wake up before Parker I love that time and feel like I get so much done - but I still can't bring myself to set an alarm, ha!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you for this encouragement! I was feeling convicted just today about starting to do my devotion time in the mornings before the kids get up - I think it will be a better routine to get into, and a better way to start my day!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Starting the morning on your own terms always starts the day off on the right foot I think. I'm so not a morning person, but I try to get up a few before Aria so I can actually wake up. Aria actually sleeps in pretty great, and I think that is because I'm a hard sleeper and it takes me a while to register that she is up. So she'd give up on mom and go back to sleep half the time. She also doesn't make much noise when she gets up and is happy to hang out and wiggle around. So I need an alarm or I'd never wake up!

Lauren said...

what great encouragement. I only have my alarm set for 15 minutes before Elyse typically wakes up and it's been brutal...because as the devil would have it...she's been waking earlier this week! I truly need to just set it for about 20 minutes earlier and I should be set...if only I can push myself out of bed!

Danielle said...

I read this post yesterday and this morning I found myself thinking about what you wrote. I realized I need to spend more quiet time with God. So I wanted to thank you for planting that little seed.