Wednesday, August 27, 2014

it's the little things: lots of learning

Even though some days can be exhausting and by the time Emerson is in bed I want to follow shortly after, I love these days. I love seeing him learn and question the world around him. I love his curiosity and the excitement in his eyes and face when he sees something he likes or wants know more about. When he points to a picture in a book, looks at me, waits for me to say what it is/make the proper sound, smiles, then looks back at the picture, he is learning. He is learning so much. Even though some days it may not feel like it. He is. 

For that reason I am reminded that I need to be intentional about what we spend our time doing. Do we just play and read books all day? He seems to be happy doing that. Do I let him decide the "routine"? He's pretty chill and easily entertained. Do I create some sort of 'plan/routine' for his day [apart from eating and naps]? He's a good boy and plays so well on his own. Do I write out when we will read/play/do some other activity he should be doing? Does he need that? 

If you have little ones, what do you do? Do you have a certain structure to your day? Play at this time, nap at that time, do art after that time, read before this? Do you let you little one do what they want and decide what activity they want to do? What things are within their reach to do: color? toys? books? something else? Do you do everything with them or give them some space to learn on their own? Do you introduce new things a lot? 

I know that it is the little things I might get board with so quickly that keep him excited. I'm so glad they excite him because reading a book for the 12th time in a row can get pretty old pretty fast... The wonder in his little hazel eyes keeps me going and I know that in time he will start talking and start understanding and knowing more about the world around him. Gosh, I'm so thankful for this little man. 


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

We definitely don't have any structure to ours days, other than naps! And I suppose eating. I let Aria lead. Anything I plan as an activity usually lasts all of 4 minutes so it isn't worth it to pack days full like that. I was just reading somewhere to let them play if they are playing independently and then hop in in a few and name shapes or colours or do patterns or make up stories etc. And, yes reading the same books over and over again...yawn. But I do love that she loves books.

kelseylynae said...

I think the beauty of staying home is that you DON'T have to have a ton of structure to their day. Routine, yes, but the structure is loose and changes everyday. The only thing I TRY to do everyday at SOMETIME is our Quiet time [usually when Becks is asleep in morning], and get outside sometime [which doesn't always happen with 4 month old tagging along or needing nap etc]. Other than that? If he wants to read books all day-- let the boy read books :) I know some people are worried their "stay at home" kids won't "transition" to the structured environment of kindergarten, but I think if we teach them kindness, respect, listening, obedience etc in our un-structured days, they will be just fine :)

Nessa's World said...

I just found your blog and already love it! Your son is adorable!! Now following along!!

Lauren said...

I struggle with this so much as well! Some days Elyse would almost be perfectly content the entire morning to play with herself...but shouldn't I engage her and challenge her little mind? Some days she just wants to sit and read books over and over and over...but shouldn't we be more active? And shouldn't we be outside playing more instead of playing inside with toys? of those things that make you question yourself as a mom!!!

I normally don't try to structure our play time at home too much...because inevitably something happens and it all goes out the window!