Friday, August 15, 2014

school, new pens, fall, and seniors

Today I feel like sharing a few things of no real depth, so here I go... 

first. Wednesday was my last day of freedom before the school year starts --- so to speak. Bee, the baby girl I watch, came to play with Emerson every day this week -except for Wednesday. So on Wednesday afternoon Emerson and I went to the store, just because we could. Starting on Monday [the day school starts here] Bee will come every day to play, so we will spend lots of time around the house playing and doing projects and such. 

second. While we were at the store I got some new pens. I kind of have an obsession with pens [is this an English major thing? a teacher thing? or a 'special' person thing?]; new pens have a way of making my heart really happy. I really love having a cup full or colorful pens -it helps with color coding things in my calendar you know? Plus they are just pretty to write with. Usually I get a small pack of pens ... not this time. I needed them, you know? 

a bouquet of new colorful pens make my heart even happier than a bouquet of flowers. true story. 

third. I am trying to create a little schedule for the babies. You know, like a real live preschool like schedule. I have ideas, but I need to write them down and actually do them. I'm also trying to think about some themes we could do this year. Since they are both bigger and can do so much more that last year [roll around on the carpet] I thought it might be a good time to try doing more 'school' like activities with them. So, any ideas or suggestions for learning activities for little ones under two would be most welcome! 

fourth. I love Fall. You will probably hear me say this a hundred times before the end of the year, but it's true and I just can't help myself. I love everything about it: the colors, the weather, the smells, the activities/traditions, the clothes [namely: jeans and t-shirts], the food. I love it all. I know it's just August, but with the back to school stuff coming out, so is all of the Fall stuff, and I LOVE it. love. it. 

fifth. The other day I shared some thoughts on school and what it would be like if I were teaching this year  and really, it's something I've been thinking about for the greater part of this week. Last night I was thinking about teaching some more and my kids. You all, my first class of kids are seniors this year. Seniors! Holy crap, that is crazy! And it's crazy that my second class of kids are juniors [which for some reason seems older than seniors. Weird, I know, but true for me]. Anyhow... 

So there you have it, a few random things that I have been thinking about lately. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and get to enjoy some good days with family and friends and have time to refresh. 

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Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

It's an awesome person thing! I love pens.

Check out tot school - for ideas. I just stumbled upon that site...yesterday. Looked great.

Fall is the best time of the year!! So excited for the end of next month. I have to hold myself back from throwing pumpkins all over the place.

Heather Krystal said...

I also love pens! I love back to school shopping! And Fall is 100% my favorite time of year as well!!