Thursday, August 28, 2014

the best mama you can be

In today's world it is so easy to compare yourself to other people and imagine that they are better at such and such or have a nicer this or that. It doesn't matter the walk of life you are in, it is easy to do. Which can also lead to you feeling less confident about yourself. I think that as a mama it is especially easy to question what you are doing and if you are doing it right because there's no real job description laid out for it and because everyone is different. It's a way of living.

As I think back over the past few years I am amazed at how confident I am in my role as a mama as compared to my role as a teacher. As a mama I can make it up as I go [though to be honest, I did that a lot as a teacher too... whoops], my husband and I can discuss disciple and decide together what we think is best for Emerson. I can choose each day -each minute- what we're going to do, what our family is going to function like. I don't have to plan it out. I'm not worried about meeting deadlines, meetings, lesson plans, getting so many PD hours in, or making sure I'm teaching this or that by a certain date. Maybe that's one reason I love being a mama, because it's just life and there is no one looking over my shoulder telling me what I need to be doing or should do differently. 

The only one who can make me second guess myself is me. The only one who can make me feel like I'm doing a crap job as a wife and mommy is me. Emerson shows me how much he loves every minute he is awake. I know that he thinks I'm pretty great, otherwise he would be off playing in a corner by his lonesome or with an imaginary pal. I know that Landon thinks I'm doing a great job as being a wife and mama because he tells me. 

You are the only one who can make you feel less than. Don't let yourself buy into the pressures of society and all of the "the best mamas do this or that and you won't be a good mama unless you do that or this". 

Love on your little peanut[s] and your hubby too and open your eyes to see how much they love you too. 

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Courtney B said...

You are such an amazing momma! And you're so right! Our kids love us no matter what (and are instantly forgiving if we do upset them!) I want to be just like Mia in that aspect of life!

WinterBenson said...

We really are our own worst critic!