Monday, August 25, 2014

things I never want to forget

Each and every day brings something new and sweet with it. There may be challenges and frustrations in the day. There may be lots of laughter and play. Regardless of what each day brings, it always brings joy. Especially when it comes to watching Emerson grow and learn.

There are a few things I never want to forget about these little days at home . . . these little days with Emerson . . .

- the way he helps pick up his books and toys before naps and bed time.

- how he pushes a laundry basket across the landing into the laundry room. And then pushes it back to the bedroom.

- what the feel of his soft, dimply, chubby, little toddler hand feels like on my face.

- the way he gives me pats on my back when I hold him.

- how he gives the biggest most generous kisses.

- the feel of his little cheeks: perfectly soft, smooth, and a little bit chubby.

- how he "helps" load and unload the dishwasher.

- the way he insists that he stand next to me on a chair while I fix dinner or lunch.

- how he stands in front of the printer and ooooohhsss and aaaahhhhhhhss and whooooaaas as something prints off, his little hands folded together, resting on top of his little belly.

- the way he points to an empty spot on his plate, looks at me, and says, "woerhogudshfldk" [translation: asking for more mango/cheese/crackers...], and then gives one big nod of his head when I ask him if he wants more mango/cheese/crackers.

- how he goes to get his shoes when I say it's time to go outside or ask him if he wants to go on a walk/to the park.

- the way he sits down on the floor and tries to take his shoes off when we come back home from an putting.

- how he finds the DVD with Elmo on it, holds it close to his chest, then out to me, and then nods his head while saying, "Mammao, Mammao..."

- the way he drops/stops doing anything he is currently up and runs to the tv when the kitty comes on tv screen. And how he "nnneeeeooas" over and over while reaching his arms up to touch and hold the tiny little kitty inside the tv.

- how he touches [grabs] my leg, arm, hand to pull me/shove me/move me to where he wants me to go.

- the way he climbs on my back while I'm laying on the floor looking at books with him. And how he sometimes lays on my back and gives me hugs.

- how he helps unload the groceries -taking them from the bag one thing at a time and walking it over to the pantry or fridge.

- the way he pulls the clothes out of the dryer and puts them in the basket.

- how he throws his hands in the air and dances to songs in the car and at home.

- the way he stands with his tiny hiny sticking out in the air, chest puffed forward, arm raised high above his head, and pudgy little hand waving back and forth in the air when he waves bye-bye.

- how he rests his head in the nook of my neck and wraps his chubby little toddler arms around my neck for a hug.

- the way he knows his bedtime routine so well -and doesn't let me forget to brush his teeth, get Oscar the humidifier, or turn his sound machine on.

- how he occasionally lets me cover him up with his blanket when he lays down in his bed.

- the way he smiles so big and bright when I get in in the morning.

- how he immediately goes and pulls a book off his bookshelf to read - and then gets one for me to look at too.

- the way he lays on the floor to read his books.

Gosh,  love that boy. He is a little burst of sunshine. He is the smallest biggest blessing.


Amy said...

This is absolute perfection. So much wonder & amazement through the eyes of a child. It is simply wonderful.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

sigh. so sweet. it totally bums me out that I will probably forget a great deal of these little things, even with all the recording I try to do. I was reading to Aria this evening and she asked to sit in my lap and then she gave me three kisses, which is so unlike her. night made!

Laura said...


Courtney B said...

Oh how I love this!! I've been posting little blurbs like this on IG but I need to record them all in a blog post so that I can print it in a book and have it forever!
He is sooooo sweet! Wish we could have a playdate!