Thursday, August 7, 2014

things we take for a ride

We like to travel. Most of the palaces we go now are to visit family and friends, and most of those people live at least four hours from us. We've been on shorter trips [like to the grocery store or a museum or something] and some longer trips [like this one] but for our typical trip we're in the car for about four to five hours or so. These are the things that I'm always sure to take along: 

- snacks. Different kinds and the least messy kind I can possibly get. Emerson doesn't usually snack a lot, but when we travel, he can have all the snacks he wants. If he's happy, I'm happy. 

- a snack cup. It's nice when he can just give himself snacks and all I have to do is hand him the little snack cup. 

- his blanket. He's not super attached to it, but he loves cuddling with it so we are sure to take it a long. This could be a toy or paci or some other lovey object for other little ones. 

- a sippy cup with water. Hydration, you know?  

- books. Lots of books, big ones and small ones. Emerson LOVES reading so we always have books with us. 

- a few toys. Some that will sing and play music, some that don't. He has a little toy phone he that lights up and sings and a little fire engine that sings, both of those are very entertaining to him and keep him occupied for quite a while; we take them with us every time we go on a trip. 

- a dvd player and shows to watch. This is something we got this Spring; Landon's mom gave it to Emerson for trips, and we are so glad she did. It helps occupy him when nothing else does. I really don't know how we would have made it to Florida without it.  

What are some of the things you and your little ones like to have for trips? 

Hopefully you can find these tips helpful for your summer travels.  Make sure to check out the other mama's blogs for even more tips!  And be sure to link up with us below if you also have a post on this.

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Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Having a DVD player in the car has been a lifesaver for our family!

Lauren said...

great list! we have a few shows downloaded on the iPad that we use instead of a DVD player. Lots and lots of snacks are definitely a must!

Thankfully most of our road trips aren't quite so long!