Tuesday, September 30, 2014

flannel shirts and the end of life as I know it

A few weeks ago my mom-in-law gave me her Kohl's cash, which is pretty much free money. I mean, you can spend it on anything in the store, you don't have to make a purchase to use it, and you can use coupons with it so you can spread it out a little further. It's pretty great. Which made her giving me her Kohl's cash to me all the sweeter. When she gave it to me she had just bought Emerson's Fall and Winter wardrobe and then told me to spend it on myself. That was her only stipulation. She really is so thoughtful and generous like that.

not that she would know if I didn't spend it on myself... but why wouldn't I when given such strict instructions to treat myself? :)

So I made sure to spend it before it expired, because that would just be a complete waste and utterly sad. But there wasn't any one thing that I needed, was looking for, or had been thinking about getting. I really wasn't sure what to get with it, but whatever it was I wanted it to be good.

I picked a few things up to look at and try on. One of which was a flannel button up.

And that was the end of life as I knew it. I'm not sure what rock I've been living under, but good gracious. I loved that flannel shirt. I tried all the other things on, but kept coming back to that one shirt. I got it, obviously.

found here, there were more prints in the store though ... 

It's like wearing those big matching flannel pajamas set that are like a friendly hug at the end of a long cold day. Only better. This shirt was just enough flannel pajama and just enough shirt. It feels like pajamas but it fits even better. It's not too baggy [I'm not one for oversized tops, they make me feel frumpy and ugly] and not too snug. It's nice that this shirt is fitted enough, but is also baggy enough because, well, things just aren't the same after having a baby, and this top is the perfect compliment for that.

Also, it's perfect for every day wear. Especially for me. Especially in these fall and winter months. A short sleeve t-shirt leaves me too cold. A sweater/fleece zip up-jacket thing/hoodie added to the shirt makes it too hot. A long sleeve t-shirt also gets a little chilly sometimes so I have to add an extra layer which makes it even hotter. This shirt is a one and done. One shirt and I don't need any extra layers or anything else [unless I'm going outside of course, in which case I'll need five more layers. For real] because it's like both of those things in one little package.

Now I feel like I need all of the flannel shirts because I've decided to make it a part of my daily attire from here on out. I hear people talk of their "mom uniform" and I guess mine would be jeans and a t-shirt. But, not any more. Now, it's jeans and a flannel shirt.

How have I not know about this magical little shirt before now? Why have I never tried them before? I'm just glad I found out about them before too long, because that would have been really sad.

Do you have/wear flannel shirts? Do you love them? not love them? Why? Do you have a favorite top or clothes combination to wear during the fall and winter months?

And this is as close to a fashion post as I will ever get.

Also, who knew you could write so much about one little shirt? ...

And no, this is not a sponsored post... though you might think so. If they wanted to sponsor me I would be more than happy to though :) 

Monday, September 29, 2014

little weekend surprises

Friday afternoon Landon called me and asked if I was up for going to have dinner with some people. It was the perfect little surprise and of course I was more than happy to go. One of the guys he has started playing basketball with has a little family and they invited us over to their home for a Friday night dinner. A few weeks ago we had them over for dinner, but we hadn't seen them or talked to them since. I figured they just didn't like us. Or they were just busy. Probably the busy one :) I wasn't really worried about it, since they stayed late at our house. Like, they brought a pack n play to put their son down to bed in so they could stay and chat. Which they did for a few hours after the babies went to sleep. It was really nice to sit around and talk with people in a similar life stage as us. Anyhow, we went over to their house and had some yummy dinner and were able to stay for a while afterwards and just chat. If Emerson were one for sleeping well in places other than his bed, we would have laid him down at his bed time. As it was, he just played quietly while we visited with each other. He was so good. And as we were getting ready to leave he even started to pick up the toys without being told to. We are so thankful for that little peanut! We were also thankful for dinner with some people [new friends?].

After breakfast on Saturday Landon surprised us again by saying he would go grocery shopping with us. Usually it's something that just Emerson and I do, but it was nice to have Landon tag along. The rest of the day was pretty chill, we hung out around the house, went for a walk, played at the park, E took a nap. You know, the usual. Another little surprise for me was that Landon decided he could take the afternoon off [I guess that's one perk of being a PhD student...] so he played with Emerson while I went on a few errands, by myself. Crazy. I almost didn't know what to do with myself.

it was such a chill weekend that I only got a picture of E getting ready for bed. ha. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. Sunday after church Landon asked what I wanted to do for lunch. Even though I plan meals out for the whole week, Sunday lunch always seems to get me. It's like I forget to plan for it or something. I don't know. He surprised me when he asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch. What?! We never go out. So it was a fun little surprise and outing.

I like the simple little weekends like these ones, it's even better when Landon doesn't have to work. Anyhow, that was my exciting weekend :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

count the little things. they are blessings.

These days we have been seeing less of Landon, he's been staying even more busy than usual and is working long days and even late into the night. I try to tell comfort myself with the knowledge that I do get to see him, he is home and not far off from us, and that he does try to arrange his schedule and work load so he can at least have dinner with us each night. So even if we don't see him for more than that time, at least we can have dinner together. After dinner he'll be home but is usually working away on his research and such. At least he's home.

It might not be so bad if I had another friend here. At least that's what I like to tell myself. It may be pathetic, but even a year after moving to Illinois I still have yet to make a connection with someone and call them my friend. I can give excuses - I work at home, babysitting, and I really can't get out of the house other than to go on walks to the park. [I'm just thankful I can do that much.] But meeting people has been difficult. And this season of life is proving to be such a challenge. I know we're here because this is where and what God has called Landon to do; and I want to support and encourage him in any way I can. But golly. It is hard. I find myself wishing we were at the end of his program so we could "get on with our lives" - even though we are very much living these days. I wish he could be done so that I could feel a sense of stability. It's hard to really invest when you know you're only going to be here for a few years. Even though I want friendship while I'm here. It's just hard to make a friend when you really are stuck at home all day every day.

On days like these ones I have to remind myself to count my blessings. To count all of the little gifts that I am given each and every day.

- a rich sunrise full of deep purples, pinks, and oranges
- hugs from my little munchkin man
- sloppy wet open mouth kisses from the same little guy
- walks in the fresh air
- cooler weather
- exploring at the park
- the babies toddling around the big open green field
- nap time
- a cup of warm coffee
- burning candles
- twinkle lights
- pumpkins and mums
- little chubby hands splashing water in the kitchen sink
- blowing bubbles and chalk scribbles
- the hope of things to come
- the promise of a faithful God

In hopes of encouraging myself I try to write these blessings out. I encourage you to do the same: count the little blessings and gifts that you are given each and every day.

Sorry to be so blue, but I just had to get that out there. Sometimes it just helps me to write it out. Because then it's left my little brain and finger tips and life can go on again. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

some fall favorites

The other day I was reading some blogs that I enjoy, and saw that Susannah had shared a little Fall Favorites post that happened to be apart of The Circle link up. I thought it seemed like some good fun. So here's to a little bit of fall sharing of my own.

favorite fall fashion/clothing item? I love jeans and cardigans. My heart would be happy if I could wear these things all year long. It's nothing fancy, but I really love a good cardigan.

favorite fall drink? This makes me think of coffee or something, so I'm going to have to say a salted carmel mocha. I know every one goes bananas over pumpkin spice lattes this time of the year, but I don't think I've actually ever had one. I know. But that carmel mocha. That is yummy to me.

what's something on your fall bucket list? Go to the zoo with some friends and let Emerson see an Elephant in real life. He loves elephants right now, so it would be fun to let him actually see one. I don't know if they let you pet the elephants in the states; but I hope they do -that would be really fun for him. This is one reason I want to take him to Thailand, he could ride an elephant, feed it, pet it, anything he wanted really... maybe one day I'll be able to take him to visit one of the places I come from.

favorite fall recipe? Pumpkin bread. I love everything about it.

halloween candy or pumpkin spice latte? If it's the good kind of candy, I'll take candy. But only a little. Usually I'll get a bag of Halloween candy, eat a few pieces of it, and then not touch it again. It's weird, I know. It's also wasteful. I just want a nibble of candy, not all of it. If it's not the good candy -I'll take a latte. Shoot, I'll even try the pumpkin spice latte :)

favorite fall scent? Right now, pumpkin cupcake. It is yummy and makes the house smell like I've been baking for hours. I pretty much love all candles that have anything to do with food. I also love all other fall scents, so it's really impossible to choose. In the past my absolute favorite was sweet cinnamon pumpkin, but now I'm preferring the cupcake and doughnut ones over my tried and true -even though I do still love how it smells. Like I said, it's impossible for me to choose, they are all  [almost] so good!

favorite fall holiday? I suppose that would have to be Thanksgiving. Halloween is alright; I think I like it a little bit more this year because I have a munchkin to dress up. But I love family and friends and Thanksgiving is a holiday that is best spent with one or both of them. There is meaning behind it and the day is just warm and cozy. I also have really good memories of past Thanksgivings, which for some reason makes the day even more special for somer reason.

what is fall [weather] like where you live? It seems a little temperamental right now [ha :]. It was nice and cool last week, in the 50s and such, this week it's a little warmer and in the 70s. Though there have been lows in the 40s. Who knows really. But, it hasn't been too hot and it hasn't been freezing, so I'll take the middle ground. I look forward to the days [hopefully] not too far ahead when the days stay nice and brisk. Those are my favorites.

Those are my fall favorites. What are some of yours?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

a little change

I'm so excited to finally be sharing this new little look with you all! I've been cooking something new up for this little space for a while now, and I am happy with what I've come up with. It's a little more simple, but I think that may be why I like it so much. There is still a little bit of work I need to do to it, I didn't know how to change it all at once with the click of a button, but hopefully it will be done soon!

I like change every now and then. Mostly to rooms or decor, you know, to make it fresh and exciting. After a while of one thing it's always fun to change things up a bit. Add some spice and such, you know?

I'll be adding a few more things here and there over the next few days or so in hopes of adding a few more improvements to this little space of mine. I just wanted it to reflect a little bit more of me; this is a starting place. It's been a fun little project for me to work on every now and then. But, it will be nice when it's all finished and just how I want it. Hopefully soon.

Anyhow... I hope you all have a happy day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

all the old cars. and my new car.

When I moved to the states for college about oh, a decade or so ago [yikes!] I had friends with cars and licenses so I didn't really have the need to get one and didn't already have one as I lived overseas. After a year or so of being in the states one of my friends bravely taught me how to drive and let me use her car to take my driving test. Since then I'm been driving everywhere and in several different cars. The first car I drove was my parents, it was a little Saturn and I used it while they were in Thailand [it's not like they needed it then or anything]. It was a fine car, but it was just so-so. I didn't like it, but I liked it because it was a car. You know? 

google images

A year or so later when I moved out to Idaho, I flew. My parents were in the states and needed their car. Plus, I wasn't about to drive it across the country, from Alabama to Idaho, by my lonesome. Though if I could have... I just might have done it. It was just me, a suitcase, and two plastic storage bins on an airplane. I packed [and lived] light. 

Anyhow, in Idaho I didn't have a car, I didn't need one as I lived on campus and had friends with cars. But then, the time came for me to get a job; I needed to pay for school and, as such, I needed a job. Only, tricky part about that would be getting to work as I had no car. 

As it so happens, my older brother lives in Oregon and asked me if I needed a car; he had one I could use. Perfect. So I bought a one way ticket to visit him one fall weekend and was going to make the nine or so hour drive back to Idaho in my new [to me] car. 

The car he had for me to use was the one he had in high school [my brother is 13 years older than me], that he had bought used from someone. It was an old car. But I loved that car. That weekend he taught me how to drive a stick. So, pretty much I had one day to learn how to drive the car before I had to get back for class the next day. But he taught me and I learned. I'm pretty sure he was very relieved when I called him once I got back to campus that Sunday night. ha. 

google images 

Anyhow, that car, I loved. A little VW Fox. It was pretty much amazing. It had no bells or whistles. It didn't always start when I wanted it to. At night when I would start it up the horn would beep. and beep. and beep. and not stop. For real. I started it in the parking lot at the mall where I worked and the horn beeped for about ten minutes before stopping. Crazy thing. And it was LOUD. But, still, I loved that little Fox. It had charm and character. If I could have driven it away to the other side of the country when I graduated, I would have. But, my brother and I weren't too sure if it would make it. Instead I drove it back to Oregon, he sold it a few years later, and every now and then he says he sees it puttering around town. I do sometimes miss that little Fox. 

When I moved to Kentucky, I was graciously loaned and drove around a Chevy Blazer. It couldn't have been more perfect for my nanny job. I liked that Blazer. It was a little different from the Fox -newer, better condition, the horn didn't beep randomly, and it always started up. Nice perks. Also, I liked being up high. 

google images 

And then a year later when we were married we got a Nissan Altima. It got better gas milage than the Blazer and Landon's 4Runner. Though I would have been happy to keep the 4Runner. But we only needed one car, so we traded the 4Runner in. The Nissan was the newest car I'd driven and it was really nice. It was a good car for us. 

google images 

Once Emerson was born and we found out we were going to be moving to Illinois. At which point we decided it was time to sell the Nissan and get a bigger car. We figured it would be more comfortable for the three of us, Boady [his crate really] and all of our stuff if we had a little more space. We'd taken a few short trips with the three of us and it it was pretty squishy in the car. So, we looked around, did lots of pricing, comparing, research, and such and ended up with a Honda CRV. It's been a good car to us and we've made lots of trips in it. 

google images 

But then after I was hit at the beginning of the month, we got a new car, a GMC Acadia. And let me tell you, this car is nice. It has every last little bell and whistle. Leather interior, rear-view back up camera [so fancy!], heated seats [so nice for winters -especially here], seats for seven, plenty of space, satellite radio. I mean, it has everything. And it sits up a little higher than the CRV, which I must say is pretty nice. It's big without being too big. Ya know? I never thought we would have such a nice car, but now that we do I am in love with it. It's just a little bit nicer than the Fox ;) 

It's a shame we have to give it back to the rental company once our car is finished being fixed up in the shop. I really quite like this gem. We were supposed to get a little car as our rental, but when we went to pick up the car this is all they had, unless we waited, which we couldn't. I was perfectly happy with it, especially since we didn't have to pay the difference. Now I can only dream of the day that we can get this car for keeps. Which will never happen, I'm sure.

And that is the story of my cars.

Monday, September 22, 2014

a weekend full of this and that

The past few days we've managed to stay pretty busy, which is a little change for us. Friday afternoon Emerson and I went to the doctor. After I explained why I brought him in the doctor listened to his lungs and all that he said they were super clear. Then he looked in his ears and when he did his face changed and he looked a little more worried; apparently Emerson has a severe ear infection. He finished checking him over and then said he would call in a prescription for us. So we headed to the store to get the goods and walked around looking at this and that while we waited for it to be filled. Poor little boy did not feel good, but he did such a good job that afternoon -both at the doctor's office and at the store.

When we got home Emerson didn't eat much for dinner but he happily took his medicine and then shortly after went to bed. Poor little guy did not sleep well that night, but the bright side was that he at least slept until after 8 the next morning. That has never happened before. Though I do think I prefer better sleep at night and an earlier wake up time.

Saturday we did a little of this and that - grocery shopping, baking, reading, playing, and cooking. We invited a family over for dinner that night that Landon met at the university; they have a little girl so Emerson and her "played" together that night for a while. While we took a walk they kept playing peek-a-boo with each other in the wagon; it was the sweetest little thing.

That night I made the best lasagna I've ever made. I don't mean to brag about it; I'm just so excited about it! I've made lasagna multiple times over the course of our marriage. I always follow the recipe and do it just like so. Well, this time, I didn't exactly follow any one recipe. I looked at a few different ones, and then just kind of did my own thing with it... hoping it would turn out better than it has in the past. And it did. And it was yummy. Sad thing about it is, that I forgot to take a picture. I'm not the greatest for 'food blogging' or even taking pictures of food. I get too excited [or hungry] and don't stop to snap a picture. Eh.. it was good. That's all I need to know. Maybe if I make it again someday I'll try and get a picture of it... you know, to document the fact that I made a good meal.

On Sunday after church I did a little more baking and we just hung out around the house. We started a small group and met everyone for the first time last night. It will be interesting seeing how it goes. And hopefully good? It's definitely nothing like the small group we came from - I knew it wouldn't be the same, but I didn't think it would be so . . . different. Anyhow. I'm sure it will be good?

Today is just another day, who knows what it will bring.

I hope you all had a lovely little weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2014

a slight change of plans, being on hold, doctors and insurance, this place. frustration.

Do you ever have those days [or mornings/afternoons/nights] that just don't go as you had planned? I feel like I've been having a lot of moments like those lately. Like a few weeks ago when I went out for a quick trip to the store, but I got hit instead. Or last week when I tried to go grocery shopping and the was traffic backed up for what seemed like forever. And then when I finally got to the store, I felt overwhelmed so I went to a different one [my usual store] and wasted about an hour of time all when I could have just started at the later store to begin with and been done with it. All because I was going to attempt to save our family some more money on our weekly grocery bill. Or the other day when I tried to go out to run a quick little errand but ended up not going because someone [I won't name names] wanted nothing to do with getting buckled into his carseat.

Or like this morning when I called the doctor to make an appointment. But first I had to make sure they would take our insurance; we just switched insurance companies and I didn't want to show up and them tell me that my insurance wouldn't cover it. So, I thought I'd just call them ahead of time and make sure we were still covered there. At which point they told me to call and check with my insurance company, because apparently, and I quote, "We accept all insurance, it's a matter of your insurance accepting us."

What does that even mean?!

So I called my insurance company to find out if we were covered at the doctor. She told me I had to check with them. Circles. They were turning me in circles.

Then I decided to call the one other doctor in town to see if they could help and if they would accept us. Again, they said, it all depends on your instance and if they accept us or not.

An hour and a half later of being on the phone, being transferred time and again, and being on hold for more than half of that time, some one finally told me what I needed to know. Bless her.

So then, I called back to the doctor's office to make an appointment -

Emerson has had a cough for a while now and last night it got pretty bad. I was in the middle of taking my shower before bed and I heard horrible coughing on the monitor. I turned the water off and grabbed a towel, to go get him. Apparently his cough gave Landon a little scare too as he ran upstairs and was holding him. He ended up sleeping in bed with us for most of the night, because we were both worried about him. He slept great most of the night, but then woke up to play around 3:42 at which point he went back to his own bed.

Anyhow... because of last night and because he's had a little cough for a while now, I decided I needed to take him in to the doctor. But, I told the receptionist, I can't bring him in until later this afternoon. When I asked for the latest appointment time possible, she said she guessed she had a 3:30 but she couldn't do any later than that. Well, we're a one car family, and today Landon has the car, and he has class and meetings and told me that he couldn't be home until 3:30. When I tried to nicely ask if there were later appointment times, she told me she wouldn't make an appointment for me later than that. That that time was the latest she could do. Then she said it twice more and when I tried to interject here or there she said she was going to transfer me to the nurse.

Again, I waited on hold for the nurse to answer. All I wanted was to make an appointment for this afternoon. I had no idea it was such a big thing.

When I asked for an afternoon appointment with the nurse she told me they couldn't do that, that I needed to bring him in earlier - in case they have to do an x-ray or blood work or something. I get that, but it's just not feasible for us. Is that bad? 

Sheesh, loueesh.

In the end I got the 3:30 appointment, and the feeling that I am a horrible mother for not bringing him in sooner, and the impression that I am a very difficult person.

I've never liked how the doctor system works here in this Illinois town [there are two hospitals and you have to pick one doctor and ...]; but I've managed to get over it and accept it for what it is. This is where we are, this is what it is. But this morning as I tried to be patient and just make an appointment I was shocked with the shortness and rudeness of the receptionist, and even from the nurse, and found that I had to bite back tears of frustration.

And it made me miss 'home' all over again. Even more than before. And everything that I was feeling back in January came flooding back.

After about two hours spent on the phone I had an appointment made. It really shouldn't have taken that long. It really shouldn't have been that difficult. Why could the companies and hospitals just have been able to say "yes" or "no" to this or that question of mine?

So instead of going for a walk and playing at the park this morning, the babies played and read inside while I waited on the phone. I don't think they were too upset about it, but I had planned to take them out, and it just didn't happen.

The day can only go up from here... right? Eh. Let's hope so.

And here's to praying that the appointment actually goes well.

How's that for an uplifting read? ...just keeping it real. :p

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

books on the window sill ~ it's the little things

I don't know who said it first or where the saying even came from, but the one that goes, "The days are long but the years are short," [or something like that] couldn't be any more true, especially these days. It is crazy to think about how just last year Emerson was rolling around goo-ing and gaa-ing over this and that, laughing his baby belly laughs, and grinning his gummy grin. Now he's running everywhere and trying so hard to talk. How did he get so big so fast? 

One of his favorite things these days [and well, pretty much always] is books. He loves them. This past weekend his grammy brought him two new books and my oh my, he was so excited and carried those books with him everywhere. He has some favorite books, but usually, as long as he at least has a book, he's a happy little man. 

So as he spends his days looking through books, reading books with me, pointing to pictures as to ask, "what's that?", and now pointing to pictures and making some of the animal sounds, I realize more and more just how much he is learning. And he is learning so much.

While he likes me to read with/to him a lot of the time, he also likes to have 'silent reading' time where he reads and looks though his books on his own. The other morning he was taking the books and setting them up on the window sill. After he put one book up, he'd go get another, and another. Then he would stand and read them, look out the window, and read some more.

It's so funny how intentional he is with where he puts things, his books, sippy cup, socks, blanket ... He knows what he wants and where he wants things to go. Sometimes I'll be looking for something and not be able to find it; if he's around [which let's face it, he usually is] I'll ask him where such and such is. He toddle right over and pull it out from wherever he put it, under the chair, in the toy bin, in a drawer ... And sometimes he'll be napping or down for the night and I'll be cleaning up and find a book/toy/sock/my phone in some random spot. I can't help but smile, because I know he put it there, and was probably quite intentional about it.

Being a mama is such a blessing. We get to see these precious little babies grow up into little people and then [one day all too soon] big people. It is such a huge responsibility knowing that you are shaping little lives, you are the one to teach them what is right and what is wrong, how to use kind words and gentle hands, how to love and how to forgive. It's a little bit scary too, because you [and their daddy] are the one teaching them these things, that's a lot. But your baby is given to you, and you know how to be the best mama to your baby. Your baby is going to learn so much from you, admire you, and look up to you. What an incredible blessing these sweet little munchkins are.

These are the days that I am so grateful for. These are the days that are filled with giggles, tears, love, and learning. These are the days that I love and that I know I will miss all too soon. These are the days that I never want to forget. Especially the way he sets his books and things in the prefect spot. Oh, what a blessing it is. I love these little things.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the laundry room + work space = a happy place

For the past few weeks or so I've been working on a little project. Though I suppose the project really started early in the Spring. In May I somehow convinced Landon to help my move our little desk into our laundry room. It's a big room and a really nice space, it has lots of natural light and it's close to everything [i.e. not in the basement -which I hated]. So we moved the desk upstairs and since it's been my 'work space' or 'laundffice' [you know, laundry+office]. 

It was nice to be upstairs, out of the freezing cold basement, and closer to things [or at least not feel so far way from life]. Anyhow, it was still a laundry room; the only difference was that our desk was in there. I still enjoyed being in there, but I felt like it was lacking in many ways. The shelf above our washer and dryer drove me nuts. While things were organized up there, it wasn't pretty. There were big piles of rags, cleaning supplies were quite visible. and though there were 'order' it was not orderly enough. The homes for things were not proper homes. I needed to fix it [and I'm not sure why there isn't a before picture. I'll let you use your imagination]. 

So I did. And with a tiny budget I set out to fix it up and make it a happier place. Now, I just think of the laundffice as my happy place. The first thing I fixed was the shelf. I got some matching bins and organized and tidied up everything that was on the shelf. Now all you see are the bins and not the bottles of cleaning spray and detergent. Much cleaner and easier on the eyes. It's also nice to not see a bottle of toilet cleaner every time I walk in the room. 

In addition to the bins, I added some pizzaz to the walls. The blank walls were kind of lonesome and begging to be adorned. So, I did lots of thinking and brainstorming, lots of looking around on Pinterest and looking at the bare walls, and I slowly figured out and added to the walls. 

Since I wanted the room to be cheerful I looked for colorful little printables and found bunches. I love me some free printables. They are the only thing I used to add some cheer to the room.

The desk area needed some help too, so one afternoon while I was sitting at the desk I pulled out my stash of clothespins, slapped some wash tape on them, and stuck them up on the wall. Poof. No more blank, boring walls -and a place to show off cards and bills that I have to pay. Win win. 

I used clothespins for this very purpose while I was in college and since I'm not a fan of putting holes in the walls, this was the perfect solution. I just don't know how I forgot about my tried and try method of decorating walls.

Pens make my heart happy.

This space makes me happy and I'm excited about the simple little changes that brighten it up [thus the reason for all of the pictures], it really is the little things...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

This is now really considered 'my room'. Even Landon was happy to let me do whatever I wanted to the little space: it's the laundry room, where a woman should work. He's joking ...and even likes the cheer in here.

So in the mornings, when I rise, I come in here and wake up slowly to the new day. Sitting in a wooden chair helps keep me awake [the couch... is more comfy, but a recipe for falling back to sleep].

Anyhow, that's my space. My laundffice. My happy place. You really would be surprised at how much more fun it makes laundry day[s]. Landon's mom saw it and said it was so cute and would make her want to do laundry.

Happy Laundry Day to you [... if you're doing laundry today that is].

Monday, September 15, 2014

pumpkins, apples, and shopping // a weekend visit

This weekend Landon's parents and youngest sister came in for a little visit. Since we've moved here, they've been visiting us about once a month. We always look forward to their visits as it's a little change of pace -we have people around to talk with and we go out and do something, even if it is just eating a meal out somewhere. 

They got in shortly before Emerson's bed time on Friday night and the lucky little duck got to stay up a smidgen later than usual as we ate dinner and he played with them for a bit. We really didn't have any plans for the next day, but the following morning it was decided that we would go shopping for Emerson; he needed some proper fitting clothes for Fall and Winter. So as soon as he went down for his morning nap Landon's mom, sister, and I went shopping and found him some clothes for this season. It was a nice little shopping trip and morning outing. Something that I never do. 

We got home and all went out to have lunch and spend a few hours at a local orchard -and to hopefully get some apples and kettle corn. It was a perfect Fall afternoon, just enough sunshine and cool weather.

There were some goats we could pet and feed and some chickens to look at. Emerson liked looking at the goats, but they were pretty bold and got right in our faces - and licked our hands even when we had nothing in them. Now I can say I've been licked by a goat. I guess that's not a bad thing? 

Not only were there goats and chickens, but there were ponies there too... ones that could ride [well, if you were a kid that is]. Emerson liked looking at the ponies and we were ready to move on, but some one thought Emerson needed to ride his first pony right then and there. It's a good thing his Grammy and Poppy were there otherwise the boy would have only waved at those pretty ponies. But it was a happy day and he actually got to ride a pony. He liked it. A lot.

We walked around, looked for apples and pumpkins. Pushed and pulled a wagon and spent a fun little afternoon together. The weather really couldn't have been more perfect and it was so nice to be outside and enjoy it with family.

He wanted all. of. the pumpkins. And he tried to lift every single one of them.

We didn't pick many apples, but had fun walking though the orchard just the same.

Emerson found lots of apples on the ground and wanted to eat them all. But they pretty much all had worms or were super mushy so we found a little apple and he ate the whole thing. Core, seeds, and all. I guess that's ok?

He was very sweet and good about sharing his apple.

After a short nap at home we played for a little bit, went to the park, and then out for dinner. Even though the meal took a little while to get out, he was so good the whole time and he even got a meal from the menu. Well, a sweet potato... but still; I didn't pack a meal for him. It was very exciting I tell you.

It was such a sweet little weekend with family. On Sunday afternoon when they left we were sad to see them go; it's always more quite and extra lonely when they leave. We're just glad they got to come in for a little visit.

I hope you all had a fun little weekend too.