Friday, September 19, 2014

a slight change of plans, being on hold, doctors and insurance, this place. frustration.

Do you ever have those days [or mornings/afternoons/nights] that just don't go as you had planned? I feel like I've been having a lot of moments like those lately. Like a few weeks ago when I went out for a quick trip to the store, but I got hit instead. Or last week when I tried to go grocery shopping and the was traffic backed up for what seemed like forever. And then when I finally got to the store, I felt overwhelmed so I went to a different one [my usual store] and wasted about an hour of time all when I could have just started at the later store to begin with and been done with it. All because I was going to attempt to save our family some more money on our weekly grocery bill. Or the other day when I tried to go out to run a quick little errand but ended up not going because someone [I won't name names] wanted nothing to do with getting buckled into his carseat.

Or like this morning when I called the doctor to make an appointment. But first I had to make sure they would take our insurance; we just switched insurance companies and I didn't want to show up and them tell me that my insurance wouldn't cover it. So, I thought I'd just call them ahead of time and make sure we were still covered there. At which point they told me to call and check with my insurance company, because apparently, and I quote, "We accept all insurance, it's a matter of your insurance accepting us."

What does that even mean?!

So I called my insurance company to find out if we were covered at the doctor. She told me I had to check with them. Circles. They were turning me in circles.

Then I decided to call the one other doctor in town to see if they could help and if they would accept us. Again, they said, it all depends on your instance and if they accept us or not.

An hour and a half later of being on the phone, being transferred time and again, and being on hold for more than half of that time, some one finally told me what I needed to know. Bless her.

So then, I called back to the doctor's office to make an appointment -

Emerson has had a cough for a while now and last night it got pretty bad. I was in the middle of taking my shower before bed and I heard horrible coughing on the monitor. I turned the water off and grabbed a towel, to go get him. Apparently his cough gave Landon a little scare too as he ran upstairs and was holding him. He ended up sleeping in bed with us for most of the night, because we were both worried about him. He slept great most of the night, but then woke up to play around 3:42 at which point he went back to his own bed.

Anyhow... because of last night and because he's had a little cough for a while now, I decided I needed to take him in to the doctor. But, I told the receptionist, I can't bring him in until later this afternoon. When I asked for the latest appointment time possible, she said she guessed she had a 3:30 but she couldn't do any later than that. Well, we're a one car family, and today Landon has the car, and he has class and meetings and told me that he couldn't be home until 3:30. When I tried to nicely ask if there were later appointment times, she told me she wouldn't make an appointment for me later than that. That that time was the latest she could do. Then she said it twice more and when I tried to interject here or there she said she was going to transfer me to the nurse.

Again, I waited on hold for the nurse to answer. All I wanted was to make an appointment for this afternoon. I had no idea it was such a big thing.

When I asked for an afternoon appointment with the nurse she told me they couldn't do that, that I needed to bring him in earlier - in case they have to do an x-ray or blood work or something. I get that, but it's just not feasible for us. Is that bad? 

Sheesh, loueesh.

In the end I got the 3:30 appointment, and the feeling that I am a horrible mother for not bringing him in sooner, and the impression that I am a very difficult person.

I've never liked how the doctor system works here in this Illinois town [there are two hospitals and you have to pick one doctor and ...]; but I've managed to get over it and accept it for what it is. This is where we are, this is what it is. But this morning as I tried to be patient and just make an appointment I was shocked with the shortness and rudeness of the receptionist, and even from the nurse, and found that I had to bite back tears of frustration.

And it made me miss 'home' all over again. Even more than before. And everything that I was feeling back in January came flooding back.

After about two hours spent on the phone I had an appointment made. It really shouldn't have taken that long. It really shouldn't have been that difficult. Why could the companies and hospitals just have been able to say "yes" or "no" to this or that question of mine?

So instead of going for a walk and playing at the park this morning, the babies played and read inside while I waited on the phone. I don't think they were too upset about it, but I had planned to take them out, and it just didn't happen.

The day can only go up from here... right? Eh. Let's hope so.

And here's to praying that the appointment actually goes well.

How's that for an uplifting read? ...just keeping it real. :p

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Susannah said...

I'm so sorry you're dealing with the insurance crap! Since I work in a Dr's office I know how dumb insurance is. And YES, the answer "we take your insurance but we don't know if your insurance takes us" is a horrible answer but it's the one I have to give to anyone asking too because insurance companies don't tell us whether or not they accept us!!!!! AUGH!