Monday, September 22, 2014

a weekend full of this and that

The past few days we've managed to stay pretty busy, which is a little change for us. Friday afternoon Emerson and I went to the doctor. After I explained why I brought him in the doctor listened to his lungs and all that he said they were super clear. Then he looked in his ears and when he did his face changed and he looked a little more worried; apparently Emerson has a severe ear infection. He finished checking him over and then said he would call in a prescription for us. So we headed to the store to get the goods and walked around looking at this and that while we waited for it to be filled. Poor little boy did not feel good, but he did such a good job that afternoon -both at the doctor's office and at the store.

When we got home Emerson didn't eat much for dinner but he happily took his medicine and then shortly after went to bed. Poor little guy did not sleep well that night, but the bright side was that he at least slept until after 8 the next morning. That has never happened before. Though I do think I prefer better sleep at night and an earlier wake up time.

Saturday we did a little of this and that - grocery shopping, baking, reading, playing, and cooking. We invited a family over for dinner that night that Landon met at the university; they have a little girl so Emerson and her "played" together that night for a while. While we took a walk they kept playing peek-a-boo with each other in the wagon; it was the sweetest little thing.

That night I made the best lasagna I've ever made. I don't mean to brag about it; I'm just so excited about it! I've made lasagna multiple times over the course of our marriage. I always follow the recipe and do it just like so. Well, this time, I didn't exactly follow any one recipe. I looked at a few different ones, and then just kind of did my own thing with it... hoping it would turn out better than it has in the past. And it did. And it was yummy. Sad thing about it is, that I forgot to take a picture. I'm not the greatest for 'food blogging' or even taking pictures of food. I get too excited [or hungry] and don't stop to snap a picture. Eh.. it was good. That's all I need to know. Maybe if I make it again someday I'll try and get a picture of it... you know, to document the fact that I made a good meal.

On Sunday after church I did a little more baking and we just hung out around the house. We started a small group and met everyone for the first time last night. It will be interesting seeing how it goes. And hopefully good? It's definitely nothing like the small group we came from - I knew it wouldn't be the same, but I didn't think it would be so . . . different. Anyhow. I'm sure it will be good?

Today is just another day, who knows what it will bring.

I hope you all had a lovely little weekend!


Alisha said...

Poor Emerson! (And Momma too!!) I hope he feels better soon!! I love when you make really good recipes, always a good feeling! :)

Courtney said...

I'm so lazy about lasagna. I'm all, "Aint nobody got time for that" and pop in a stouffers lol.

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Poor little guy. I hope he feels better!

Lauren said...

Poor guy...I hope he's feeling better! And lasagna sounds delicious! I've been using the no-bake noodles recently and it makes things so much easier.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

oh no ear infection. I hope he is feeling better =(
Yay for making an awesome lasagna!! I feel like that is a good one to go by looks and feel. I love finding an awesome recipe after hunting for one for what feels like ever.