Thursday, September 4, 2014

all. of. the. animals.

Over the past few weeks Emerson has started sharing more of what he knows with me. He knows what an elephant, pig, cow, chicken, cat, and dog say, respectively. When we look at books now, most of the time, he'll make the sound for each animal he knows, and if he doesn't know it he points to the animal and looks at me, waiting for me to make the sound. I love that he does this and I love that he is starting to make the sounds himself. 

When he makes the animal sounds it makes me feel like I'm doing something right. I've been reading books with him since he was a newborn [and reading to him since he was a peanut in my belly]. I've been pointing to animals and making their sounds for just as long. I've been asking him what each animal says as we read the story. But until recently, it's just been me mooing, oinking, meowing. I guess he really has been paying attention!

He loves animals -pictures in books, ones we see up close,  even videos of animals. He goes nuts and wants to pet all. of. the. animals. So it really shouldn't have surprised me when I pulled his Noah's Ark off of the very top shelf the other day to do some rearranging and a little organizing, that he went straight to the animals on the ark.

It is the sweetest thing to watch him pull these little animals out of the ark and play with them. For the first week after I got the ark down he would stuff as many animals as he could fit into his little dimply arms and carry them with him everywhere. He even figured out andvtried to carry the whole ark full of animals with him a few times. Any time he gets up from a nap or in the morning, he walks straight over to the book shelf and reaches up for the ark of animals, then promptly plays with them when I get it down for him.

When we play in his room he just sits on the floor and pulls the animals out, shoves them back in, and makes their sounds [though he 'asks' me what some of them say sometimes, and I'm just not sure. What does a giraffe say? a zebra? I should look that up].

After we are done playing or it's time to pick up our toys for lunch or something, he tries so hard to stuff the little animals back into the little window holes and asks for help when he needs it. All of the animals make it back into their home ... with the exception of four or so- however many he is able to fit into his arms that day.

I love these sweet little moments with Emerson and being able to see him learn and grow. I'm sure he'll be talking my ear off before I know it, but for now I'm enjoying the little sounds and gestures, the signs and pointing. I love seeing him play and am so thankful for the little blessing he is in my life.


Amy said...

That Noah's Ark toy is so neat! Cash would love to pretend play with that. Where did you find it at?

Alisha said...

Totally agree with Amy! In love with the Noah's Ark plush set!

Lauren said...

Love that set! We dont' have it, but I'm thinking we need it for Nora!

And see Momma...look at all he's learning just by playing at his own pace on his own schedule! way to go!

Susannah said...

Oh my goodness, where did you get that Noah's ark???? I love it! And I love hearing all about your kiddo and the things he's learning! :-)

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

What a sweet toy! Mine loooves her animals and animals sounds too. We've done baby signs with her, and after we got the basics down pat I taught her some animals..she loves doing the signs. She'll sign it, make the noise, and now that she is using words she'll try to say the name too. Feels good when they start repeating what you've been doing for so long! p.s. zebras make a super weird noise that is both fun and awkward to mimic =) look it up for sure!