Tuesday, September 23, 2014

all the old cars. and my new car.

When I moved to the states for college about oh, a decade or so ago [yikes!] I had friends with cars and licenses so I didn't really have the need to get one and didn't already have one as I lived overseas. After a year or so of being in the states one of my friends bravely taught me how to drive and let me use her car to take my driving test. Since then I'm been driving everywhere and in several different cars. The first car I drove was my parents, it was a little Saturn and I used it while they were in Thailand [it's not like they needed it then or anything]. It was a fine car, but it was just so-so. I didn't like it, but I liked it because it was a car. You know? 

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A year or so later when I moved out to Idaho, I flew. My parents were in the states and needed their car. Plus, I wasn't about to drive it across the country, from Alabama to Idaho, by my lonesome. Though if I could have... I just might have done it. It was just me, a suitcase, and two plastic storage bins on an airplane. I packed [and lived] light. 

Anyhow, in Idaho I didn't have a car, I didn't need one as I lived on campus and had friends with cars. But then, the time came for me to get a job; I needed to pay for school and, as such, I needed a job. Only, tricky part about that would be getting to work as I had no car. 

As it so happens, my older brother lives in Oregon and asked me if I needed a car; he had one I could use. Perfect. So I bought a one way ticket to visit him one fall weekend and was going to make the nine or so hour drive back to Idaho in my new [to me] car. 

The car he had for me to use was the one he had in high school [my brother is 13 years older than me], that he had bought used from someone. It was an old car. But I loved that car. That weekend he taught me how to drive a stick. So, pretty much I had one day to learn how to drive the car before I had to get back for class the next day. But he taught me and I learned. I'm pretty sure he was very relieved when I called him once I got back to campus that Sunday night. ha. 

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Anyhow, that car, I loved. A little VW Fox. It was pretty much amazing. It had no bells or whistles. It didn't always start when I wanted it to. At night when I would start it up the horn would beep. and beep. and beep. and not stop. For real. I started it in the parking lot at the mall where I worked and the horn beeped for about ten minutes before stopping. Crazy thing. And it was LOUD. But, still, I loved that little Fox. It had charm and character. If I could have driven it away to the other side of the country when I graduated, I would have. But, my brother and I weren't too sure if it would make it. Instead I drove it back to Oregon, he sold it a few years later, and every now and then he says he sees it puttering around town. I do sometimes miss that little Fox. 

When I moved to Kentucky, I was graciously loaned and drove around a Chevy Blazer. It couldn't have been more perfect for my nanny job. I liked that Blazer. It was a little different from the Fox -newer, better condition, the horn didn't beep randomly, and it always started up. Nice perks. Also, I liked being up high. 

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And then a year later when we were married we got a Nissan Altima. It got better gas milage than the Blazer and Landon's 4Runner. Though I would have been happy to keep the 4Runner. But we only needed one car, so we traded the 4Runner in. The Nissan was the newest car I'd driven and it was really nice. It was a good car for us. 

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Once Emerson was born and we found out we were going to be moving to Illinois. At which point we decided it was time to sell the Nissan and get a bigger car. We figured it would be more comfortable for the three of us, Boady [his crate really] and all of our stuff if we had a little more space. We'd taken a few short trips with the three of us and it it was pretty squishy in the car. So, we looked around, did lots of pricing, comparing, research, and such and ended up with a Honda CRV. It's been a good car to us and we've made lots of trips in it. 

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But then after I was hit at the beginning of the month, we got a new car, a GMC Acadia. And let me tell you, this car is nice. It has every last little bell and whistle. Leather interior, rear-view back up camera [so fancy!], heated seats [so nice for winters -especially here], seats for seven, plenty of space, satellite radio. I mean, it has everything. And it sits up a little higher than the CRV, which I must say is pretty nice. It's big without being too big. Ya know? I never thought we would have such a nice car, but now that we do I am in love with it. It's just a little bit nicer than the Fox ;) 

It's a shame we have to give it back to the rental company once our car is finished being fixed up in the shop. I really quite like this gem. We were supposed to get a little car as our rental, but when we went to pick up the car this is all they had, unless we waited, which we couldn't. I was perfectly happy with it, especially since we didn't have to pay the difference. Now I can only dream of the day that we can get this car for keeps. Which will never happen, I'm sure.

And that is the story of my cars.


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Too bad you couldn't keep the Fox! Might be a bit squishy now though. The beeping! character for sure.

kelseylynae said...

Love this post. I did a similar one last year:


A friend of ours has an Acadia and I love them! Also, Brent and I always say that someday we want to own a Nissan Altima ;). But I LOVE my van so much. I like the body style of the 05 and up, so maybe we can upgrade to that when we hit 200,000 on this sucker…which will probably happen fairly soon…

Lauren said...

great post! i actually just got a new car last night! It's a Buick Enclave, which is Buick's version of the Acadia! LOVE THOSE CARS!!!!

Diana Hayes said...

It seems like you’ve been through a lot of cars through the years. And considering those cars’ models, I think you were able to upgrade to another one just fine. Though it’s too bad you weren’t able to keep the Acadia, but I’m sure things will turn out great for you soon. Thanks for sharing!

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

Damon Sherman said...

LOL. The time sneaks up on you, doesn't it? You never realize how much time has passed until you really think about it. My 15-year high school reunion is coming up and I still can't believe it. I feel like it was only a couple of years ago that I graduated and now we're about to have our 15th reunion!

Damon Sherman @ Butler Auto Hyundai