Wednesday, September 17, 2014

books on the window sill ~ it's the little things

I don't know who said it first or where the saying even came from, but the one that goes, "The days are long but the years are short," [or something like that] couldn't be any more true, especially these days. It is crazy to think about how just last year Emerson was rolling around goo-ing and gaa-ing over this and that, laughing his baby belly laughs, and grinning his gummy grin. Now he's running everywhere and trying so hard to talk. How did he get so big so fast? 

One of his favorite things these days [and well, pretty much always] is books. He loves them. This past weekend his grammy brought him two new books and my oh my, he was so excited and carried those books with him everywhere. He has some favorite books, but usually, as long as he at least has a book, he's a happy little man. 

So as he spends his days looking through books, reading books with me, pointing to pictures as to ask, "what's that?", and now pointing to pictures and making some of the animal sounds, I realize more and more just how much he is learning. And he is learning so much.

While he likes me to read with/to him a lot of the time, he also likes to have 'silent reading' time where he reads and looks though his books on his own. The other morning he was taking the books and setting them up on the window sill. After he put one book up, he'd go get another, and another. Then he would stand and read them, look out the window, and read some more.

It's so funny how intentional he is with where he puts things, his books, sippy cup, socks, blanket ... He knows what he wants and where he wants things to go. Sometimes I'll be looking for something and not be able to find it; if he's around [which let's face it, he usually is] I'll ask him where such and such is. He toddle right over and pull it out from wherever he put it, under the chair, in the toy bin, in a drawer ... And sometimes he'll be napping or down for the night and I'll be cleaning up and find a book/toy/sock/my phone in some random spot. I can't help but smile, because I know he put it there, and was probably quite intentional about it.

Being a mama is such a blessing. We get to see these precious little babies grow up into little people and then [one day all too soon] big people. It is such a huge responsibility knowing that you are shaping little lives, you are the one to teach them what is right and what is wrong, how to use kind words and gentle hands, how to love and how to forgive. It's a little bit scary too, because you [and their daddy] are the one teaching them these things, that's a lot. But your baby is given to you, and you know how to be the best mama to your baby. Your baby is going to learn so much from you, admire you, and look up to you. What an incredible blessing these sweet little munchkins are.

These are the days that I am so grateful for. These are the days that are filled with giggles, tears, love, and learning. These are the days that I love and that I know I will miss all too soon. These are the days that I never want to forget. Especially the way he sets his books and things in the prefect spot. Oh, what a blessing it is. I love these little things.


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

oh such a sweet post! I'm still blown away by how much they know. You ask them things or just mention something and they know exactly what is going on and where something is or what something means. Such a blessing to be a mom!

Danielle said...

So sweet. My little girl loves her books too.