Tuesday, September 30, 2014

flannel shirts and the end of life as I know it

A few weeks ago my mom-in-law gave me her Kohl's cash, which is pretty much free money. I mean, you can spend it on anything in the store, you don't have to make a purchase to use it, and you can use coupons with it so you can spread it out a little further. It's pretty great. Which made her giving me her Kohl's cash to me all the sweeter. When she gave it to me she had just bought Emerson's Fall and Winter wardrobe and then told me to spend it on myself. That was her only stipulation. She really is so thoughtful and generous like that.

not that she would know if I didn't spend it on myself... but why wouldn't I when given such strict instructions to treat myself? :)

So I made sure to spend it before it expired, because that would just be a complete waste and utterly sad. But there wasn't any one thing that I needed, was looking for, or had been thinking about getting. I really wasn't sure what to get with it, but whatever it was I wanted it to be good.

I picked a few things up to look at and try on. One of which was a flannel button up.

And that was the end of life as I knew it. I'm not sure what rock I've been living under, but good gracious. I loved that flannel shirt. I tried all the other things on, but kept coming back to that one shirt. I got it, obviously.

found here, there were more prints in the store though ... 

It's like wearing those big matching flannel pajamas set that are like a friendly hug at the end of a long cold day. Only better. This shirt was just enough flannel pajama and just enough shirt. It feels like pajamas but it fits even better. It's not too baggy [I'm not one for oversized tops, they make me feel frumpy and ugly] and not too snug. It's nice that this shirt is fitted enough, but is also baggy enough because, well, things just aren't the same after having a baby, and this top is the perfect compliment for that.

Also, it's perfect for every day wear. Especially for me. Especially in these fall and winter months. A short sleeve t-shirt leaves me too cold. A sweater/fleece zip up-jacket thing/hoodie added to the shirt makes it too hot. A long sleeve t-shirt also gets a little chilly sometimes so I have to add an extra layer which makes it even hotter. This shirt is a one and done. One shirt and I don't need any extra layers or anything else [unless I'm going outside of course, in which case I'll need five more layers. For real] because it's like both of those things in one little package.

Now I feel like I need all of the flannel shirts because I've decided to make it a part of my daily attire from here on out. I hear people talk of their "mom uniform" and I guess mine would be jeans and a t-shirt. But, not any more. Now, it's jeans and a flannel shirt.

How have I not know about this magical little shirt before now? Why have I never tried them before? I'm just glad I found out about them before too long, because that would have been really sad.

Do you have/wear flannel shirts? Do you love them? not love them? Why? Do you have a favorite top or clothes combination to wear during the fall and winter months?

And this is as close to a fashion post as I will ever get.

Also, who knew you could write so much about one little shirt? ...

And no, this is not a sponsored post... though you might think so. If they wanted to sponsor me I would be more than happy to though :) 


Susannah said...

How special that you got to go shopping for yourself! You should show us a pic of you IN the top! :-)

Lauren said...

YAY for momma shopping trips! I've decided these don't happen nearly often enough for most mommas!

And after Nora is born, I'm planning on stocking up on flannel shirts. I don't have any in my wardrobe right now, but I know they will be a great thing to have around!

Amy said...

How sweet is your mother-in-law? That's awesome! I love flannel. I have about 3-4 flannel shirts & I think they are all from Kohls, too. :) I love how your shirt has the polka dot & flannel. I'm actually going with my Mom & Cash tomorrow, plus I have a 30% off!! I will be checking it out!

Danielle said...

Flannel is so warm and cozy. Perfect for Fall.