Tuesday, September 2, 2014

it happened at night . . . and a reminder of how great the Father's love is.

After a long and full day together and after Emerson was in bed for the night, I mentioned going to Target to do a quick exchange and return. I would have waited but I didn't know when I would be able to get out of the house again -it probably wouldn't be until the weekend and I didn't want them to be out of the size of pajamas I was wanting to get for Emerson.

You see, I'm indecisive. A lot. I had just gotten him some pjs, but then I thought I should get a bigger size, in case he grows [which he probably will one day] so he can wear them for longer. And in the past, every time I've seen the cute little pairs of pajamas at the store they are gone the next time I go, usually a week or so later, never to be seen again. I didn't want that to happen this time. Not the one time I actually was going to buy them. You know? 

So after a few minutes of going back and forth in my head of if I should wait to go or if I should just go now, I decided to just go now. Landon kissed me bye and went off to find a football game to hook up. 

On my merry way I went. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have left the house after Emerson has gone to bed. I can also count on one hand the number of times I've gone to Target without him - four. He's my shopping buddy, he's my pal, he goes everywhere I go. Pretty much. Which I love. 

As I was sitting in my car, stopped at a light, listening to some tunes on the radio, I was suddenly, very abruptly, very roughly jolted from my sing along. 

A car hit me. From behind, I was slammed into, pushed forward.  

Seconds later, there was another giant bash. Another shaking jolt. 

And one more time; I was thrown forward in my seat, my car was pushed further down the road. 

Startled, shocked, shaken, I watched as it looked like the other car was going to drive off. 

Thankfully he didn't and asked to pull over into the store parking lot right next to us. 

I followed him, closely. Still shaking. 

He pulled into the darkest part of the lot ... no. Not going to happen. He got out of his car and asked to just exchange information and all that jazz. I insisted repeatedly that we go park in front of the Walgreens -where it was very well lit and where there were probably cameras. You never know... 

After what seemed like an eternity of telling him to drive a few yards over, he did, as I followed closely. 

He was fine. I was fine. His two kids were fine. 

Then he asked me not to call the police. That he could just give me all of his information and such, and don't call the cops. 

Which made me more anxious and eager to call the police. 

I'm goin to prison, now. I know it. I'm not gonna see my boys. I'm goin to jail. #$#@$

I called the police. 

He called every one he knew. 

He asked me to please don't call the cops. I'm goin to jail. He was so sure of it. 

"Why? Why do you think you're going to jail?" I had to ask. 

I don't have a license. 

That could be a problem. 

And then he proceeded to tell me all kinds of things and troubles and woes. Poor guy. 

His mom came to get his kids; she noticed the car seat in my car and asked if my baby was in the car. 

Thank the Lord, no. No, my baby was safe at home, sleeping in his bed. 

She apologized for her son; and then I couldn't help but watch their interactions. She asked why he was driving in the first place. Why didn't he call her? What was he thinking? She could have gotten him, driven him. He cursed her. He mumbled how she doesn't love him and hates him. She walked over and gave him the biggest hug. She told him, 'I will always love you. No matter what. I love you.' 

And I realized I will always love Emerson. No matter what, I will love him. He will always be my baby. And how much more the Father loves, forgives, embraces, and longs for us to be in Him. 

And I thought, and I prayed, oh how I prayed, that Emerson and any other children we have, will grow in the grace, wisdom, and guidance of the Lord. That they will always know, love, obey, seek, serve, and desire Christ. First. Always. And for their safety. And oh, how I praised Jesus that Emerson was not in that car with me. Because nine times out of ten, he is. 

An Officer arrived and asked some questions, this and that. Then he called for back-up. 

He told me after a while that he wanted back up because he thought this could potentially be a DUI or drug related accident. What? Though, I wasn't truly surprised, the guy had seemed a little - off - since he first spoke. I didn't know if it was alcohol, drugs -prescription or not, or mental. 

Back-up came. Not one officer. Not two officers. But five officers. 


I watched as they questioned him and as they worked in a powerful, authoritative, respect demanding way. And I admired them all the more [even though I still get really nervous driving past a police car - even when I know I'm doing nothing wrong]. 

Apparently one officer was nearly off duty, another was coming to take his place, one was in training, one was training, and one was the Deputy [or Sheriff -which ever the big guy is]. Thus the five Officers. 

One came and talked to me for a while, told me what was going on, why there were so many of them there, and what the deal was with the other driver. Some fairly serious medical issues. He made small talk, which thankfully calmed my still shaken nerves. 

The first responding Officer came over, gave me some paperwork, instructions, told me this and that, and then that I was free to leave. Apparently the other driver would be there for a while.

As I slowly backed up and tried to be cautious and not hit anything or one myself [I mean, they were all standing right there!], calmed myself a little more, I debated about going home or finishing my errand. 

It was late. It was raining now. 

I wanted to go home. 

But I knew that I wouldn't want to [or really get to] get out of the house and drive anywhere anytime soon, plus I was already out. 

So, on I went to the store to get some pajamas. 

For the love.

[and also probably for the crazy]. 

What would you have done? Gone home? Finished what you went out to do? 

Hopefully none of you had as equally an 'exciting' night as I did last night. 


Courtney said...

OH GOOD GRIEF! How is your car??

I'm so glad E wasn't with you for sure and I'm so glad you are okay!

And yeah, I probably still would have gone to Target ;)

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad you are ok!!! Are you feeling alright still? And I think it is funny that you kept going to the store. :) Mom on a mission!

Lauren said...

oh my goodness! So glad you're ok, and what a blessing that Emerson was sound asleep in his bed at home!

I have no idea if I would have gone on to Target or not...knowing me, I probably would have completely forgot the errand and come home only to be mad that I hadn't achieved my original purpose!

Alisha said...

Oh my gosh sweet girl! I am so glad you are okay! What a crazy night! Thank the Lord Emerson wasn't in the car with you, and that everyone was okay!

kelseylynae said...

Ah. Crazy.
1. I am amazed you had the composure and courage to INSIST he speak with you in the well-lit area. 5 gold stars to you from this former Highway Patrolman's daughter.
2. I totally would have finished the task :)

So thankful for God's provision even in the wreck, and that E wasn't with you.

kelseylynae said...

Ah. Crazy.
1. I am amazed you had the composure and courage to INSIST he speak with you in the well-lit area. 5 gold stars to you from this former Highway Patrolman's daughter.
2. I totally would have finished the task :)

So thankful for God's provision even in the wreck, and that E wasn't with you.