Tuesday, September 9, 2014

living simply: thoughts on shirts ... and clothes in general

Without intending to, nearly every summer [and every season really] I wear the same seven or so shirts. I have been doing this for at least a decade quite some time now. It's not because I don't have other options, I do, it's just because for some reason, every time summer rolls around I am in dire need of new shirts to wear [ahem... probably because I wear the same seven shirts every day month after month]. I mean, I have other shirts that I could wear, but they are ratty or hole-y [does anyone else get those tiny little holes in their shirt right at their belly? or it that just me? do I have a shirt eating belly?], pulley or ill-fitting. Most of those shirts are the ones from the previous summer, which is probably why they are all in bad shape. 

In fact, at the end of last summer Landon told me to stop wearing 'those shirts' because they looked terrible. So that's great. If he's saying they look too worn out -they are done. 

I have other shirts that I could wear but I don't because of the color or fit, or because they are too "fancy" for my every day wear. I just don't like them as well. A lot of my shirts are hand-me-downs [yes, I still get those even at my age], and I wear them occasionally, but the reason I may not like to wear them as much as the others is because I didn't see them and love them, I just saw them, they fit, and they were free. Free is good. But if you don't wear it... does it really even matter? I've had these shame shirts in my closet/dresser for who knows how long - I should just get rid of them. I don't wear them and they take up space, so I should give them to someone who could get some good wear out of them. 

Yet, I don't do that. No. They just hang out in my closet waiting for me to choose them. But I don't. And I'm not sure when I will. 

Since I really do wear the same seven or so shirts all summer [and spring ... and fall if we're honest] long, why do I keep the other ones I don't like as much or wear as often? 

Because maybe one day I'll really want that one shirt? Who knows. I'm sure there's something not right about that. 

my shirts for this summer = source  

I used to be better about getting rid of the old when I got the new. All throughout my college years and for a few years after, I had about ten tops, three pairs of jeans [because for some reason it's okay to wear the same pair of jeans multiple times?], a few skirts, some sweaters, a hoodie, and twenty pairs of socks [because I love them and can you really ever have enough socks?]. That was all I needed. I wore everything I had and liked everything in my closest, nothing went unworn. And when that shirt got too big or small, when it shrank in the dryer or got a big hole, when it looked too old and sad even for me; I got rid of it. 
I need to get back to this mindset. 

Is this something everyone does? Has a closet full of clothes but only wears the same handful of tops? Or is this something that is somehow strangely something only I do [... and my sister, cause she does that too]?

And now that I've written this all out I feel like I really need to go and purge my closet of all of the clothes I have but never wear.

I always like to think I live simply. I don't, but it's nice to tell myself I do. I liked my days of having a small clothing selection, of everything being worn [even though for some reason it is nice to get new clothes now and again] Surely I can do that again?


Meghan said...

This is exactly why I want to do a capsule wardrobe. I want to wear all my clothes instead of just have a full closet.

Amanda Klein said...

You are inspiring me to go through my wardrobe and purge!! (and through my husband's! Ha!)