Wednesday, September 3, 2014

pretty words

One thing I have always wanted is to have pretty handwriting. I've practiced my handwriting for years. I've tried to copy the pretty handwriting and calligraphy I see. But then I look at theirs, and I look at mine, and I just don't have it. It's not the same. It seems no matter how hard I try, my handwriting is just so-so. Every day writing. I like it, it's good. But, pretty handwriting for letters and notes or just because things - I don't like it, it's not good.

It's a shame really. I would love to be able to have art like handwriting, but no matter how many books I look through, pictures I see, or times I practice and try to make my words swirly and pretty... it end up looking like a big blob of blah. Or just my regular handwriting - with a slight variation.

Is there a secret pen I'm missing out on? Is there a secret code I need? Am I lacking in the creative arts department?

I guess I'll just keep practicing and trying. Maybe by the time 89 I'll be able to have pretty handwriting and calligraphy skills.


Alisha said...

I love pretty handwriting too, and can't help but doodle on blank pages trying to make my writing better. I would love to have writing like the picture above!

Susannah said...

Goodness, I can completely relate!!!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

oh gosh, same boat! I just made some homemade bday cards with my almost two year old. So I had the job of writing happy birthday inside...I looked up a bunch of different fonts to try and copy, still looks terrible. I tried though. I wish I had pretty handwriting, I love sending mail.