Monday, September 15, 2014

pumpkins, apples, and shopping // a weekend visit

This weekend Landon's parents and youngest sister came in for a little visit. Since we've moved here, they've been visiting us about once a month. We always look forward to their visits as it's a little change of pace -we have people around to talk with and we go out and do something, even if it is just eating a meal out somewhere. 

They got in shortly before Emerson's bed time on Friday night and the lucky little duck got to stay up a smidgen later than usual as we ate dinner and he played with them for a bit. We really didn't have any plans for the next day, but the following morning it was decided that we would go shopping for Emerson; he needed some proper fitting clothes for Fall and Winter. So as soon as he went down for his morning nap Landon's mom, sister, and I went shopping and found him some clothes for this season. It was a nice little shopping trip and morning outing. Something that I never do. 

We got home and all went out to have lunch and spend a few hours at a local orchard -and to hopefully get some apples and kettle corn. It was a perfect Fall afternoon, just enough sunshine and cool weather.

There were some goats we could pet and feed and some chickens to look at. Emerson liked looking at the goats, but they were pretty bold and got right in our faces - and licked our hands even when we had nothing in them. Now I can say I've been licked by a goat. I guess that's not a bad thing? 

Not only were there goats and chickens, but there were ponies there too... ones that could ride [well, if you were a kid that is]. Emerson liked looking at the ponies and we were ready to move on, but some one thought Emerson needed to ride his first pony right then and there. It's a good thing his Grammy and Poppy were there otherwise the boy would have only waved at those pretty ponies. But it was a happy day and he actually got to ride a pony. He liked it. A lot.

We walked around, looked for apples and pumpkins. Pushed and pulled a wagon and spent a fun little afternoon together. The weather really couldn't have been more perfect and it was so nice to be outside and enjoy it with family.

He wanted all. of. the pumpkins. And he tried to lift every single one of them.

We didn't pick many apples, but had fun walking though the orchard just the same.

Emerson found lots of apples on the ground and wanted to eat them all. But they pretty much all had worms or were super mushy so we found a little apple and he ate the whole thing. Core, seeds, and all. I guess that's ok?

He was very sweet and good about sharing his apple.

After a short nap at home we played for a little bit, went to the park, and then out for dinner. Even though the meal took a little while to get out, he was so good the whole time and he even got a meal from the menu. Well, a sweet potato... but still; I didn't pack a meal for him. It was very exciting I tell you.

It was such a sweet little weekend with family. On Sunday afternoon when they left we were sad to see them go; it's always more quite and extra lonely when they leave. We're just glad they got to come in for a little visit.

I hope you all had a fun little weekend too.

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