Wednesday, September 10, 2014

rainy days and chores

The past few days it's just been me and Emerson spending our days together. Bee is still sick [poor girl], so Emerson and I have been doing just about whatever we want to. Mostly it consists of reading books and playing with a few toys here and there. But it is nice to be able to spend the days with just my one little peanut.

These past few days have been even sweeter to me because the skies have been gray and cloudy, and they have been stormy and rainy. Rainy days make for cozy days; and with Emerson still feeling a little bit sick, he's been more cuddly than usual which makes for even cozier days. It's been pretty wonderful. The cozy cuddles that is, not the sickness.

We've also gotten some things done around the house like laundry, changing sheets, and some other cleaning. It may not sound super exciting, but I sure enjoy these little days at home with Emerson, and I love watching the rain fall with him from the warm inside of our house.


Amy said...

Love that last photo! We are fighting something over here, too. It can leave at any time.

Lauren said...

great photos! Elyse is fighting allergies right now...which we could definitely do with out!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

There are few things I love more than being cozy inside when it is grey and stormy outside. Sadly Aria doesn't always agree with me on that one.