Friday, September 12, 2014

sniffles and smoke detectors

The sniffles are still hanging out around our house. I've been praying for them to leave for a while now, I'm hoping they will be sick of us soon enough and move along. The hard part about all this is, while I don't really mind the sniffles and such, I do kind of mind the fussiness that seems to accompany them. What I want to know is: is Emerson crying in his bed because he just doesn't want to lay down? because he's doesn't feel good? because he wants to play/read books? because he wants me to hold him? or is it because he's in pain ... because maybe now he has an ear infection or something -even though he only fiddles with his ear a little bit when he is sleepy? 

I don't know.

Should I call the doctor? Should I take him in? They said he's probably fine if this... but if that then... Oh, good grief. Why didn't I just become a pediatrician so that I could know how to treat my baby without having to take him to the doctor? [because I would be a terrible doctor, that's why.]

Anyhow, that's the exciting stuff that's going on around in my head today. Especially since last night was a little bit rough for the poor lad. 

Also, about 31 minutes after I finally got into bed after rocking Emerson for a few hours, a loud beep woke me up. Why was there beeping? I wanted to sleep. Turns out our smoke detector decided it was time to say a little hey. I would have been perfectly happy if it had decided not to. Oh, course, as Landon tried to make it stop beeping it only beeped louder - and more - and longer - and it wouldn't stop. At least not for a minute or so; which somehow seems like an eternity in the middle of the night ... especially when there is a baby sleeping in the room right next to said detector.  

Here's a free piece of advice for all of you: make sure you have spare smoke detector batteries in your house at all times. You're welcome. 

Thankfully Landon found some spare batteries. And thankfully E slept through the whole ordeal. How I ask you? I guess that doesn't matter - he slept and woke up happy in the morning. That is what matters. 

Happy weekend to you all! 


Ms. Emily Ann said...

Our smoke alarm started beeping at 4 am last night too! It's the worst... and ALWAYS happens in the middle of the night!

Hope Emerson is feeling better!

Lauren said...

oh that smoke detector alert is the worst!!!! and as a momma it's one of the most annoying sounds in the world!

I hope E feels better soon...that's definitely always a constant struggle at my house. I don't want to be "that" mom who calls or takes her in with every stuffy nose, but I also don't want to be missing something more serious!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

I hate smoke detectors!!! Always in the middle of the night too. Always. So glad he slept through it just fine though. Phew. And feel better!

Neville said...

That is very good advice. Extra smoke detector batteries on hand can be savior in the middle of the night, especially with a sick baby in the house. Why is it that those things always seem to pick the most inopportune time to tell you they need a new set anyway? I know mine does.

Neville @ Electrical Experts