Thursday, September 11, 2014

some fall favorites // candles

Fall is in the air. No really, it is. This morning we went out for a little stroll and I had to bundle the babies up in little jackets, hats, and blankets. I should have put some mittens on them as well, but we didn't have any handy. {Get it? haha. sometimes I just crack myself up.} Hopefully the ones from this past winter will still fit ... otherwise it looks like we'll be picking out some new ones very soon. I digress... the air was crisp and cool and as I was walking around I felt it nipping at my skin and nose. My favorite kind of weather.

I think the storms from the past few days brought with it the cooler Fall weather and I'm hoping it stays around for a while. Forever would be good with me. As I walked around I noticed that several of the houses had mums in big pots sitting on their porches, little Fall flags decorating their yard, a pretty seasonal wreath hanging on their door, or a few other simple but festive decorations that all whispered, Fall is here. 

When I walked back into our home, I smiled because I saw the little pumpkins I had set out a few days earlier and because we had rosy cheeks and chilled hands. Fall is here. 

And then, because I couldn't help it, I had to light a candle. I'm in love with candles and I feel like you can't really have Fall without some yummy smelling candles. There is one lit nearly all day [eh, at least evening] this time of year. I love them.

all found here

I am a little picky when it comes to my candles, I mean, I'll take any, but if I'm choosing I always pick the ones that usually have something to do with food: cupcakes, cider, cookies ... anything you can cook up in your kitchen and I'm pretty sure it smells divine. Add some pumpkin in with it and it's even better. 

I usually stock up on candles around this time, I wait for a big sale, use coupons, and come away with a bag full of candles that gives me a yummy smelling house for months. The other day, I just discovered my stock of yummy candles is dwindling - I only have one left. It's a shame really. But after thinking long and hard about it, I've decided I might need to get a few more before too long. I mean, it's just not Fall without these candles. Thank goodness for birthday money :) 

If any of you are looking for ways to add some yummy to your life and home, you should try some delicious candles like these ones - and if you're not much of a candle person you are always more than welcome to send some my way. 

What things do you like to have out that really make it feel like Fall in your home? 

[and no, this is not a sponsored post, although I would love it if this shop ever wanted to give me a candle or five hundred to review for them... pretty sure that won't happen, but I can dream, right?] 


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

I loooove candles. And I am so jealous of your crisp morning walk. If only.

Myla Munro Ringler said...

I have yet to dig out my tubs and tubs of fall decor, but I'm hoping to get to it this weekend. When that's all out it's 'officially' Fall at our house! All those candles are totally my jam! I like the house to smell like I've been baking yummy goodies all day!

Amanda Klein said...

B&BW is my fave for candles, too!! Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin for ever!

Lauren said...

Man I really need to stock up on candles...I love a good Fall candle burning this time of year and I think I'm almost out! I'm headed to some outlets this weekend...I think it's time to stock up!