Thursday, September 25, 2014

some fall favorites

The other day I was reading some blogs that I enjoy, and saw that Susannah had shared a little Fall Favorites post that happened to be apart of The Circle link up. I thought it seemed like some good fun. So here's to a little bit of fall sharing of my own.

favorite fall fashion/clothing item? I love jeans and cardigans. My heart would be happy if I could wear these things all year long. It's nothing fancy, but I really love a good cardigan.

favorite fall drink? This makes me think of coffee or something, so I'm going to have to say a salted carmel mocha. I know every one goes bananas over pumpkin spice lattes this time of the year, but I don't think I've actually ever had one. I know. But that carmel mocha. That is yummy to me.

what's something on your fall bucket list? Go to the zoo with some friends and let Emerson see an Elephant in real life. He loves elephants right now, so it would be fun to let him actually see one. I don't know if they let you pet the elephants in the states; but I hope they do -that would be really fun for him. This is one reason I want to take him to Thailand, he could ride an elephant, feed it, pet it, anything he wanted really... maybe one day I'll be able to take him to visit one of the places I come from.

favorite fall recipe? Pumpkin bread. I love everything about it.

halloween candy or pumpkin spice latte? If it's the good kind of candy, I'll take candy. But only a little. Usually I'll get a bag of Halloween candy, eat a few pieces of it, and then not touch it again. It's weird, I know. It's also wasteful. I just want a nibble of candy, not all of it. If it's not the good candy -I'll take a latte. Shoot, I'll even try the pumpkin spice latte :)

favorite fall scent? Right now, pumpkin cupcake. It is yummy and makes the house smell like I've been baking for hours. I pretty much love all candles that have anything to do with food. I also love all other fall scents, so it's really impossible to choose. In the past my absolute favorite was sweet cinnamon pumpkin, but now I'm preferring the cupcake and doughnut ones over my tried and true -even though I do still love how it smells. Like I said, it's impossible for me to choose, they are all  [almost] so good!

favorite fall holiday? I suppose that would have to be Thanksgiving. Halloween is alright; I think I like it a little bit more this year because I have a munchkin to dress up. But I love family and friends and Thanksgiving is a holiday that is best spent with one or both of them. There is meaning behind it and the day is just warm and cozy. I also have really good memories of past Thanksgivings, which for some reason makes the day even more special for somer reason.

what is fall [weather] like where you live? It seems a little temperamental right now [ha :]. It was nice and cool last week, in the 50s and such, this week it's a little warmer and in the 70s. Though there have been lows in the 40s. Who knows really. But, it hasn't been too hot and it hasn't been freezing, so I'll take the middle ground. I look forward to the days [hopefully] not too far ahead when the days stay nice and brisk. Those are my favorites.

Those are my fall favorites. What are some of yours?


Susannah said...

Yay! I'm so glad you linked up too!!! :-)

Alisha said...

Cute idea! Fall is my favorite.

PS: If it were up to me I would be in a cardigan every day of my life. They are my fav!

Courtney said...

I love cardigans but I own I really need to remedy that.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Fun post! All things fall! I love the salted mocha, yum. But I love the PSL too. I'll take whichever! And a good cardigan! Perfect for FL because it is never cold cold.

Lauren said...

Mmm..pumpkin bread! I should really bake some up this weekend, it sounds so delicious!

Kiki said...

Cardigans and jeans are what I live in, haha. :) I'm all about a cozy cardigan and a pair of jeans (and boots, if it's cool enough!). There's something so put together and so comfy about that combination!

And pumpkin cupcakes sound delicious! I'm craving some now! :)

Thanks for linking up!

Victoria said...

I'm here for The Circle link up! :)

Salted Caramel Mochas are my favorite too. I make them, I order them, and I drink them as often as I can without going too crazy. :)

Your little boy is super cute!!! I hope that you get to take him to meet a real elephant. I love watching kids experience things for the first time.