Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the laundry room + work space = a happy place

For the past few weeks or so I've been working on a little project. Though I suppose the project really started early in the Spring. In May I somehow convinced Landon to help my move our little desk into our laundry room. It's a big room and a really nice space, it has lots of natural light and it's close to everything [i.e. not in the basement -which I hated]. So we moved the desk upstairs and since it's been my 'work space' or 'laundffice' [you know, laundry+office]. 

It was nice to be upstairs, out of the freezing cold basement, and closer to things [or at least not feel so far way from life]. Anyhow, it was still a laundry room; the only difference was that our desk was in there. I still enjoyed being in there, but I felt like it was lacking in many ways. The shelf above our washer and dryer drove me nuts. While things were organized up there, it wasn't pretty. There were big piles of rags, cleaning supplies were quite visible. and though there were 'order' it was not orderly enough. The homes for things were not proper homes. I needed to fix it [and I'm not sure why there isn't a before picture. I'll let you use your imagination]. 

So I did. And with a tiny budget I set out to fix it up and make it a happier place. Now, I just think of the laundffice as my happy place. The first thing I fixed was the shelf. I got some matching bins and organized and tidied up everything that was on the shelf. Now all you see are the bins and not the bottles of cleaning spray and detergent. Much cleaner and easier on the eyes. It's also nice to not see a bottle of toilet cleaner every time I walk in the room. 

In addition to the bins, I added some pizzaz to the walls. The blank walls were kind of lonesome and begging to be adorned. So, I did lots of thinking and brainstorming, lots of looking around on Pinterest and looking at the bare walls, and I slowly figured out and added to the walls. 

Since I wanted the room to be cheerful I looked for colorful little printables and found bunches. I love me some free printables. They are the only thing I used to add some cheer to the room.

The desk area needed some help too, so one afternoon while I was sitting at the desk I pulled out my stash of clothespins, slapped some wash tape on them, and stuck them up on the wall. Poof. No more blank, boring walls -and a place to show off cards and bills that I have to pay. Win win. 

I used clothespins for this very purpose while I was in college and since I'm not a fan of putting holes in the walls, this was the perfect solution. I just don't know how I forgot about my tried and try method of decorating walls.

Pens make my heart happy.

This space makes me happy and I'm excited about the simple little changes that brighten it up [thus the reason for all of the pictures], it really is the little things...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

This is now really considered 'my room'. Even Landon was happy to let me do whatever I wanted to the little space: it's the laundry room, where a woman should work. He's joking ...and even likes the cheer in here.

So in the mornings, when I rise, I come in here and wake up slowly to the new day. Sitting in a wooden chair helps keep me awake [the couch... is more comfy, but a recipe for falling back to sleep].

Anyhow, that's my space. My laundffice. My happy place. You really would be surprised at how much more fun it makes laundry day[s]. Landon's mom saw it and said it was so cute and would make her want to do laundry.

Happy Laundry Day to you [... if you're doing laundry today that is].


kelseylynae said...

This is awesome! Great great job! My desk is in the laundry room also! Funny. I'll send a picture sometime :) However, it is not this cute and I usually can't quite get to my desk because there are baskets and baskets of unfolded [clean] laundry everywhere. Whoops!

Love it!

Susannah said...

This is a perfect use of space! I love how you decorated your laundry room/office!!! :-)

Laura said...

Such a cute idea!!