Monday, September 8, 2014

the weekend = cuddles, football, and fevers

On Friday Emerson and I spent the day together, just the two of us. We did a little of this and a little of that and even met some new friends. Bee was sick; she had been congested and such for a few days, but Thursday night she came down with a fever -so she stayed home on Friday. And I cleaned all of the toys and books in Emerson's room, don't want those germs spreading, you know?

On Friday afternoon on our way home from running some errands and after picking up Landon early from campus, I noticed that Emerson felt a little warm. I wasn't sure if it was from being outside or because it was a fever. I prayed it wasn't a fever.

When we got home, he still felt pretty warm and was pretty sleepy. I took his temperature -he had a low fever. After a short nap he played for a bit and had a little dinner, he took a bath and went to bed. His fever had gotten higher so we gave him some Tylenol.

So much for cleaning all of the toys and books.

We prayed that he would feel better in the morning and that it would be a little bug that came and went in a flash. But Saturday morning he woke up, runny nose, congestion, and a fever. Our usual grocery shopping trip was cancelled as E wanted to do nothing by lay on me; to which I happily obliged. Sweet boy.

At one point that morning he asked to watch Elmo - he sat and watched the entire show. We had never gotten through the entire DVD before, usually five minutes was as much as he would watch and even that much was "watched" while running around the living room. Boy did not feel good. After it was over he just laid on the couch with me. He was so sleepy so we went upstairs to read some books before taking a nap. I laid him down in his bed and he fussed and cried for a little while longer than he usually does. Then he really started crying - I went in to get him and he cuddled with me for his entire nap time.

I hated that he was sick, but oh, how I loved those cuddles.

He woke up with a little more energy and ate a little bit for lunch, but the afternoon proved to be much like the morning, he only wanted me to hold him. So I did. We sat in the living room and watched football with Landon; and Emerson laid with me the whole time. Not moving, just being still. It was so sad but so sweet.

He didn't want to lay down by himself that afternoon either and I wanted to lay down, so I brought him into our room and laid down on the bed with him. And he laid there, right next to me, on our bed, for well over an hour. I'm pretty sure he hasn't done that since he was six months old.

Sunday he woke up with a low fever and we, obviously, stayed home from church. Though he started getting a little more energy back that afternoon, we still had a super chill and quiet day of not doing too much of anything other than cuddling.

a sick day in pjs -the perfect way to spend the day

Today the fever is gone [for now... I'm praying it doesn't sneak back on us] but he is hoarse, congested, and coughing more. Poor little munchkin. Apparently Bee is still feeling pretty bad too, and is at home again today. I hope these babies will get better soon; it's just no fun being sick -though it is fun for me getting all of the hugs and sweet little moments that come with a sick pookie.

In all of this he thankfully slept well during the night. For some reason nap time was a bit harder for him, but I am so glad that he didn't have any rough nights.

That was our weekend, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it, even though it was [is] sad to have a sick baby. Hopefully you all had a good weekend too and didn't have any sick babies or kiddos!


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Hope he feels better! Glad you got some snuggles!!!!

Lauren said...

poor baby! but man, those sickie snuggles are the best! I just wish they didn't have to feel bad in order to offer them!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

aww I hope he is feeling tip top soon. The sick bit definitely is such a bummer, but the snuggles must be oh so nice.

Alisha said...

Poor little peanut! Although, I agree, those snuggles are the best.