Monday, September 1, 2014

visitors and new friendships

This weekend was pretty much like most of all of our other weekends: grocery shopping, a little cleaning, and lots of time playing with Emerson. However there was one little thing that made it quite different from all of our other weekends: we had people over. And I also did lots of tidying up and organizing things around the house, which obviously makes for a doubly fun weekend. 

That's right. People who were not family or Bee's parents, came to our house. Exciting stuff you all. 

As we were leaving church on Sunday Landon turned to me and said, "Well, we might have some people over tonight or tomorrow." What?! Apparently while I was getting Emerson from the nursery he was talking to a guy that he met playing basketball at the church. They've talked before and I'd met him and his family and we had little conversations in passing. But Landon invited them over for dinner so we could maybe get to know them a little bit better. 

They came over for dinner that evening and we thought we might be able to spend time talking over the meal and maybe go to the park together afterwards; but seeing as how they have a little 15 month old we figured they would have to go home to put him to bed around 7 [which seems to be the going bed time for little people I know]. But they mentioned they brought a pack n' play for their son to sleep in [I have never even considered doing that], so they could stay longer. 

source -if only my table looked this pretty... 

After dinner we went for a walk to the park and played there for a little while. When got back to the house they put their son down in the pack n' play I have set up in our basement and after the boys went to bed they stayed and hung out with us for a few hours. It was so nice. We haven't done something like that sine April when we were staying with friends. It was so good to actually talk to other people, get to know them, and share stories. I am so glad we were able to have them over and was delighted that they could stay past 'bed-time' [goes to show you just how much I get out/interact with others :]. It felt like we were "young" again, or at least had some sort of a life. ha. 

It was such a blessing and a really sweet way to end the day. Hopefully we'll be able to continue developing a friendship with them and do that again sometime. Seeing as how they stayed later to chat, we think they had a good time too. That or we're easily fooled :) 

Anyhow. I hope you all had a fun little weekend.... 

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