Wednesday, October 29, 2014

a little pumpkin carving

The last few years I've been really good about getting a pumpkin [or two] to help make our home look a little festive from the outside. I always have the intention of carving said pumpkins, but for one reason or another it just hasn't happened for the last few years [five to be exact]. The first year we were married I carved pumpkin, but it wasn't even with Landon, it was done at the school I was working at. So pretty much, it's been a while since I've done any pumpkin carving and something Landon and I have never done together. 

That all changed last night. Landon caught the early bus so he could get home and we could all carve a pumpkin together before it got too late [aka Emerson's bed time]. After an early dinner, we cleared the table off and got to work. Landon carved/cut the top off and then cleaned out all of the "guts" as we liked to call them growing up. Emerson sat on the table and watched the whole time. At first he wasn't too sure about the "guts" or the whole pumpkin thing, but he warmed up to it pretty quickly and even smiled or cheesed for when I asked him to. He would sometimes touch the seeds and goo but mostly he just pat the pumpkin and watched. 

Those seeds are something I am very much looking forward to snacking on later tonight. I know, I should have toasted them last night, but at the time I was a little too full from dinner. Oh well. 

I had decided that I didn't want a face carved into the pumpkin or one of the scary witches, goblins, or ghost templates that came with our carving tool kit. After looking for some ideas I decided to try something new. An owl. I'm not sure how much of an owl it actually looks like... but Emerson did say, "hoo hoo" when he saw it lit up outside. That has to count for something, right? :)

Landon said if I wanted anything other than a face I was on my own. I didn't mind and got to work carving that pumpkin like I knew what I was doing. Emerson helped the whole time. And was sad when the pumpkin carving was actually finished. 

It was such a fun little way to spend our evening together. I had visions of it not going so well, or of Emerson being done long before we were actually finished. But he sat/laid on the table the whole time. When I carved a little piece of pumpkin out I'd give it to him and he promptly tossed it back into the pumpkin. He was happy and content as could be.  

Since it went so well this year I'm sure we'll do it again next year and the next... it's a fun little tradition. Do you get pumpkins and carve them? Or do they just sit on your doorstep? Or do you do some other awesome thing with your pumpkins?


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Finally getting to carve a pumpkin together! Very nice! I've made my husband carve them with me for years. Back before we had the kiddo I'd get the dogs involved. We haven't done ours yet this year, because it will only last a single day in the heat. I like your owl, that is a cute idea..and Aria knows to hoot so maybe she'd approve too!

Susannah said...

Heehee. Looks like your little one totally enjoyed it! I can definitely see pumpkin guts being a little guy's best friend!

Laura said...

Hannah, your owl is adorable!! So glad E had fun doing this with you!

Amy said...

Aww! The joy on Emerson's face is so innocent & just precious! How wonderful that you made these memories!