Monday, October 6, 2014

a surprise weekend visit

Most of last week Landon and I had talked about paying a surprise visit to his parents. I had Friday off and he had classes and meetings he could miss. One minute we decided we'd go and the very next minute that we would stay home. I'm a pretty indecisive person so most of the, "yes, let's go," "no, let's stay," was me. Most, but not all. We even flipped a coin - six times. But I'm never good about doing what the coin says; unlike Landon who does exactly what is decided by the coin. Anyhow, on Thursday evening I was sitting at home and I thought, "we should just go." Not even a minute later Landon called me to tell me his final [for real this time] decision, "let's go." If he had waited five minutes I would have probably changed my mind, again... but the timing was perfect.

So I spent the rest of Thursday making a packing list and packing things for our trip. Friday morning we grabbed a few final things, packed up the car, and headed out a little before nap time, in hopes that Emerson would sleep for a while. He surprised us both by staying awake for a long time, so long that we decided to stop and have lunch instead of waiting until after his nap. The boy slept for maybe an hour. Not long compared to his usual two - three hour long morning nap. But he was happy watching Sesame Street, reading his books, and munching on his snacks. It wasn't until later in the afternoon that he dosed off. We were just thankful he did so well on the drive.

The purpose of our visit was to see family, but a big part of it was to surprise Landon's mom [and dad, sisters.....]. We figured she would be at work that afternoon, but I texted her a tricky text just to make sure she would be there. When we got there the girls at the front desk let us go on back to see her. We saw her sitting at her desk, working, then she looked super confused, and then her face turned bright red [so bright it matched her sweater]. We're pretty sure she was surprised by our little visit ;) Success.

She had twenty minutes left of work by the time we left [yes, she was counting], so we went to surprise Landon's dad. He too was taken back and a little confused as to why we were at the bank. ha. After visiting with Poppy and his co-workers [it's a small town, so everyone knows everyone, you know?] we went to meet Landon's mom at the grocery store to pick up a few things. One of Landon's aunts happened to stop by the store while we were there, and she was shocked to see Emerson and me with Grammy. We shopped and visited a little bit, then headed home.

That evening Landon's grandparents, from both sides, an aunt, and one of his sisters came in for dinner. We spent the evening visiting, chatting, and of course loving on Emerson. It was a fun little way to spend the evening.

The following day Landon's grandparents came over and spent nearly the whole day at the house. Another one of his aunts came in, there was lots of baking, some sewing, and of course, lots of playing with Emerson. It was such a wonderful way to spend the day. In the afternoon we bundled up and went to the park for a walk, and that evening enjoyed another meal together. I always think it's amazing how all of Landon's family lives so close together, and how even the two aunts that live "far" [aka, one hour] away make it a point to come in to see us Emerson.

it's really sad that no one gives him attention while we're visiting... ;) 

We wish that we could have gone to Louisville to visit some friends, but since it was such a short visit, it just couldn't happen. Sorry Louisville friends, we will see you next time ;)

It was such a refreshing weekend, bursting full, but at the same time incredibly relaxing. What made it even better? Emerson slept through the night [and even slept in a little bit!] while we were there! That has never happened before while we've been at my in-law's house. It was amazing! I woke up before Emerson on Saturday morning, but stayed in bed for fear of waking him. On Sunday? The same thing. Oh, how I was praising the Lord for good sleep for us all!! ...and I'm going to pray he does just as well when we go in again for Christmas! It just makes the trip so much more enjoyable!

We said good-bye on Sunday morning and headed home. We managed to make one stop for a little picnic lunch at a rest stop. It. was. cold. I don't think we'll be able to do that again until the spring. But it was fun and nice for Emerson to be able to run around for a little bit before finishing the trip. 

Also, I think his hat is a little too big on him. I know he'll grow into it, but now I'm thinking I should get him a proper fitting one until he does fit into it. poor boy can't see... 

This weekend was not our usual one, but it was still quiet and fun. And more than that, we all left with full hearts. Family is a blessing and I am so thankful for the one I have. 

I hope you all had fun little weekend adventures! 


Alisha said...

What a fun weekend!! I am always super hesitant to leave my house (total homebody) but always have so much fun when I go.

I LOVE the picture of your sweet family! So adorable!!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Such a fun weekend - it's hard for me to make the decision to go too (so much easier just to stay home!) - but it is always worth it! :) Love that hat on him!

Lauren said...

what a fun little weekend getaway! I'm sure Landon's parents were so thrilled to see you all!

Susannah said...

I LOVE his little bear sweatshirt!!! Sounds like such a fun getaway! :-)