Wednesday, October 8, 2014

a trip to the library // the little things

Yesterday afternoon Emerson and I made a little stop at the library. We were on our way to get Landon from campus, and had some time to kill. So we went in for a little bit. A trip to the library takes a little bit longer these days, now that Emerson can walk and has an opinion of his own and all. So we walked up and down the aisles of books; him taking nearly every book off of the shelves, me trying desperately to put them back in their proper spot. 

The boy loves books. He always has it seems. So he was very excited about all of the books and things he could take off the shelves. He wanted all of them. At one point during our visit I was stuffing a book back on the shelf and when I looked up he was running down the far aisle of books, giggling, and about to round a corner, armed with a few new books. When did he get so fast?!

Any time I suggested we leave he turned and ran squealing in the other direction. There was nothing that could entice him to leave. Can I blame him? Thankfully about the time when I was really wanting to leave the library and he was really not wanting to leave he discovered a big window, threw himself on it and banged on the glass. Great, right? Thankfully it was the really thick kind of glass. But, there was a 14 or 15 year old girl sitting outside on a bench, waiting for someone it seemed. She heard some banging [at least I'm assuming] and turned her head. She saw Emerson and smiled. He waved at her. She waved back at him. And for the next five to ten minutes he kept waving at this girl, smiling, and showed her his climbing skills as he conquered a little couch in the library. In my last attempt to get him to walk out of the library without screaming I asked if he wanted to go outside to see the girl. He nodded yes. And so we left, no crying, no fits. Sadly [maybe?] he didn't see the girl once we got outside. So there was no final good-bye for him.  But she was there and she saw him. I like to think the brightened each others afternoons and would have read books together if they could have.  

I know I've said this before, and I'm sure I'll keep saying it, but, I love that he loves books. It really is his favorite thing to do. He will sit and look at books for hours. Not the same book the whole time of course, but he is happy to sit in a pile of books reading them all the day long. I think that has to be something he got from me. Occasionally he'll let me read through the whole book with him, but most of the time it's a page here or there and lots of 'independent reading' for him. Oh, how this makes my heart so happy. ... and how I pray it is a life long love ... and that if we have other children they also have a love of reading and books.

I love watching his little dimply hands turn the pages of a book. I love watching his face as he studies each and every picutre on the pages he turns. I love when he points to a picture and in his own little non-verbal way asks "what's that?" I love when he recognizes something on a page, like a cow, a huge grin spreads across his little face. And then how he "moos" and smiles so big that his dimples sink deep into his chubby little baby cheeks. Oh, I love these little things.

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Alisha said...

I love the picture of him wedged between the crib and furniture reading away. So sweet!

PS: Your pin it button looks fab!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Great post!
I love reading so much and it's my wish that my girls develop this life long love for it as well! It opens up so many worlds.

Laura Marie Keenan said...

I have a little book lover too and it just melts my heart! We spend lots of time at the library, but I also just place books in any ol' place back on the shelf. Shh...don't tell anyone!

Lauren said...

this is also one of my favorite things about Elyse. Before she could even crawl I could sit a stack of books in front of her and it would entertain her for long enough for me to get something done...and nothing has really changed even now. She still pulls books off the shelf, brings them to me, and says..."Momma, read this to me?" And of course I oblige!