Wednesday, October 15, 2014

an opportunity

Sunday night I got a text from a new friend. They have a little boy a month or so younger than Emerson [though you wouldn't think he was younger to look at him] and the boys are in the same nursery on Sunday mornings [I guess they get along in there? ;].

Anyhow, in her text she asked if I would be willing to baby-sit her little one until the end of the year. Their current childcare provider isn't working for them and he can't start at the new daycare center until the beginning of the year. She works at an elementary school so she has a teacher's schedule, which is a huge plus. I'm really flattered that she thought of me and feels comfortable asking me to keep her little boy.

If I say yes, that means three little ones: a 15, 17, and a 20 month old for me to care for. All by myself. All day long. Three incredibly mobile, curious, active, energetic, fast, willful, determined, sweet, lovable little ones to take care of.

One of my biggest concerns is that our house has two flights of stairs that I climb multiple times a day -most times with a toddler on each hip. I can't do that with three toddlers. They can walk themselves up the stairs, but not down. And even though we spend most of the day upstairs there will be times when all three have to come with me at the same time, up or down. Just thinking about how that will work makes my head spin.

Also, have you ever tried to get little one and a half year olds to listen to you, walk in in the same direction, and go to the same place at the same time? They might start out that way, but then one of them will see a shiny object [or let's be honest, a cardboard box] and off they go... it's pretty much like herding cats.

maybe some of these would be helpful ... kidding ... maybe ;] source

I've been thinking and praying about it for a few days now and while I think I'm leaning in the direction of saying yes and watching him for the next two months [!?!?!?!?!?!?!] there is still a part of me that is apprehensive about it. Mostly the part about watching three young toddlers. It's a little intimidating.

...what do you think? what would you do? am I crazy for considering taking on another little one for a two months? eek!


Amy said...

That is so exciting! You should feel so good about yourself that this fellow Mama trusts you enough to want her child to be with you. :)

My parent's have stairs at their house & Cash started going down on his bottom by himself around 15-18 months. He's now graduated to the railing, but he's 2 & a half. Could the oldest {I'm thinking it's Emerson} go down on his bottom?

One more thing. When I worked in daycare, we used these walking rings. Not sure if that is something that would work for you??

Susannah said...

How exciting!!! And yes, to the "leashes." I was a leash child and I turned out fine. ;-)

kelseylynae said...


Would you feel comfortable talking with the parents and saying, "Could we do a two week trial run?" Let them know you want to make sure you can provide the best care for all of them, and if at the end of that time [or before], you feel like it's too much, then that gives you an our instead of committing to the full 2-3 months.

Also, if at the end of those two weeks you feel like you are compromising time with your own, then the answer is no. The money would be nice, I'm sure you could handle it, but do what's best for your whole family.

Make sense?

I have no doubt you can handle it completely though!

Laura said...

Eek! So fun that they want you! I love those ring things too. We use those at church all the time. Monkey packbacks are so adorable. It'll be a fun little adventure!