Monday, October 20, 2014

[another] weekend visit

On Friday evening Landon's parents arrived for a little weekend visit. Emerson and I had spent the afternoon hours grocery shopping and doing a little vacuuming. Once we had finished our chores we played on my bed for at least an hour. I suggested moving the party into Emerson room, but he was as content as could be playing, rolling, standing, and building pillow towers on our bed. He had a little bag of toys and books he'd brought with him and between those toys and the pillows he was set. At first I wasn't allowed on the bed, but then he decided I had to stay there, lay down, and throw on of his balls in the air. Over and over. It was a quite little way to spend the afternoon before having some visitors and I loved every minute of it.

Like most of the other times Landon's parents come in we ordered a pizza and enjoyed a nice little meal together before putting Emerson to bed. For some reason that night, Emerson did not want to sleep, and he was up for three or so hours. So, so was I. Fun times. Though, I'm sure one day I will miss the sleepless nights?

Saturday we did a little of this and that, but mostly just hung out around the house. After lunch we went to explore a new park -it was really nice. There were lots of places for Emerson to climb and it was safer than most parks we've been to with him because there was a railing/fence like thing that you could barely stick your hand through. I liked it. So did he. We could have stayed there all afternoon and he would have been happy. After playing for a while we started to walk around the park; as it turns out that park is one of the biggest in town and we weren't even close to completing the loop before E showed signs of extreme sleepiness. So we headed home. And he slept for two and a half hours, after taking a three hour long nap that morning. I guess when you're up for half of the night you are sleepy. Typically I never nap, I just feel like there's stuff that needs done or there are things to be read, so I don't nap. But, I did take advantage of his afternoon nap and slept while he did. He wasn't the only one that had missed out on half of their sleep the night before.

We were going to go out for dinner to the Olive Garden. I was so excited to eat there. We had decided earlier that afternoon that that's where we would go [one special treat about when my in-laws come to visit: we always go out for dinner. and I like it. a lot]. They have good food and it just sounded so good that night. When we got there though the wait for 40 minutes and Emerson was already showing signs of extreme hunger ... plus, have you ever tried waiting at a restaurant with a hungry toddler? I haven't waited that long, but even five minutes seems like too long. So we checked the wait time at a few other places [apparently something big was going on on campus that day] and ended up at Applebees. We enjoyed a nice dinner, and Emerson was so good the whole time. He ate his food kind of slowly and there was so much for him to look at that he was easily entertained the whole time. We were all able to finish eating before he was done -and we had to wait a little bit for our food. I am so thankful for that boy.

he wanted to carry his blanket with him on the playground but kept tripping on it. So it became a scarf. Which he loved. He cracks me up.

Sunday morning we had muffins and fruit and hung around the house. We decided to skip church that morning since Landon's parents hardly get to see Emerson, and we enjoy seeing them. Is that bad? ...probably, but it's kind of what we do. After a long morning nap for Emerson, eating Penn Station for lunch [so good], and a little more play time and hugs, Landon's parents headed back home. The afternoons are especially sad and lonely after they leave. So E and I went on a little errand and then were lucky enough to have some "warm" weather that afternoon. We all bundled up a little bit and headed to the park, who knows if we'll have that nice weather again before the freezing temperature set in and the snow starts to fall.

It was a simple little weekend, but it was so refreshing and fun. And really nice for me as I didn't have to cook anything. What a treat! :) I hope you all had happy weekends!

I didn't take a single picture during their visit. whoops. thankfully my mom-in-law let me take some of her pictures :) 

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Lauren said...

It's cracking me up that Olive Garden had such a wait! They ALWAYS have a huge wait here as well...and while the food is good, it's not THAT good. You know?!?

And Elyse is also perfectly content to cuddle and wrestle and hang out on our bed...such a cute time when that's where we end up!