Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Emerson: 21 months

Today Emerson is 21 months old. It's crazy to think that in just 3 months he will be two years old. Where has time gone?! I mean seriously, how has he grown so fast? Wasn't he just born? I guess not, but man, it sure feels like it sometimes.

These days Emerson is staying very busy. He has so much to do each and every day. I'm pretty sure his agenda is more full than mine. From the minute he wakes up in the morning to the minute I lay him down at night, he is go go going.

books and reading are still his favorite past time. He likes to read a lot on his own, but he also likes to read with me. When he wants to read together he'll pull on me to sit down or climb into my lap, raise his arms for me to pick him up, or crawl in front of where I'm laying and sit his little booty in front of my face, book in hand. That or he'll pick a book [or five] he wants from the shelf and hand throw it to me to read. We're working on the giving something to someone with gentle hands. 
- playing outside. He could play outside all day long if I let him. I love that he loves to be outside. Hopefully I'll find some creative ways to keep him busy inside while it's freezing this winter.
- climbing on my back while I'm laying down.
- running, playing, climbing, exploring
- animals -especially elephants, pigs, dogs, and cats. It's sometimes difficult to go to the store with him, just because when he sees the pet section he reaches out for it and that is the only thing he wants to do. Be in the pet section, looking at the kitties, puppies, and such. He loves animals.
- Boady, our dog. Oh, he looooooves Boady something fierce. The feeling is not mutual, which is really sad. You would think as much as Boady loves pets, attention, and treats, he would be bffs with Emerson, but nope.
- watching Mickey Mouse while I fix dinner [finally found something that mostly distracts him from his extreme hunger pains while I get dinner ready]
- watching Daniel Tiger while waiting for Bee to come in the mornings.
- Elmo: books, toys, on tv, anything Elmo.
- Bee. Seeing her in the morning, getting her when she wakes up from her naps, playing with her. He loves Bee.
- looking at pictures [Instagram] of other babies and toddlers ... and dogs, pigs, and elephants.
- mama. He is a mama's boy for sure. Every minute of every day he wants me right there with him [which I love. I'm trying to eat it all up right now because I know that one day all too soon he will want nothing to do with me. *sniff.], though it would be nice if sometimes he would not cry when I leave the room for a minute or when his daddy tries to help and give him a bath ...
- doing things by himself/on his own.
- blowing bubbles and coloring with chalk

Learning [and such]
- recognizes a lot of animals and is able to make their sound [pharooo!, snort, bark, bob [fish], roar, grrr]. When he sees an animal he'll usually make their sound and if he sees one he doesn't know he'll point to it and "ask" me what it says. He recognizes most of his aunties/uncles and grandparents.
- speech/words: mama, dada [sometimes daddy], no, oh, bye, mae-mae [Bee], bobo [Boady], yeah, tshhheet [or something like that for shoe], wawa [water], ckcr [cracker], pop [poppy], gege [grammy], papaw, nenah [auntie M]. Most other words are still sounds: ba for book, ball, bath, banana. Like that.
- signs: more, please, sorry, thank you, bubbles [though I think he just made his own sign up for that one ;].
- understanding: pretty much everything. He'll hear a song come on, "ba ba black sheep" and run over to his toys and pull his lamb out, then hold it high and say "ba ba ba" while he 'sings' and dances along. Or he'll hear "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and run over and grab his "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star book. If I ask him to get his slipper or shoes, hat or mittens, or a certain book or thing, he runs over to where they are, grabs them, and brings them to me. Which tells me I know he understands when he doesn't something he isn't supposed to [get in the trash, play with the cords...]

- still in size three diapers
- wears 12 month clothing, 12-18 month, but is starting to wear 18 month because winter is coming and I want the new winter clothes to last until spring.
- size five shoe  
- weighs 22ish pounds?
- height, who knows -I'm so bad about measuring him and writing down things about growth and change for him.
- teeth -he has a lot. Like I said, I'm really bad about writing down when a tooth comes in. whoops. #fail.

- being in time out
- being told "no"
- having his diaper changed [sometimes...]
- when mama leaves him [even if it's just to go brush my teeth]
- brushing his teeth. He has to do it and doesn't like help [so, I'm not sure how clean those teeth actually are...]
- having lotion rubbed on his skin after a bath [or anytime really]

...and I need to cut your hair... soon. I promise.

Eating / Food 
- drinks lots of water
- still doesn't drink milk
- has started to become a little more picky and somedays will eat one thing and the very next not want it on his plate.
- love fruit [pretty much any fruit]
- not so much love for the veggies right now
- sometimes he'll eat what we have for dinner [those are my favorite nights]. Also: at what age can you just be like, "Okay, this is dinner [or lunch/breakfast], this is what you get. If you don't eat what's on your plate then tough." ?

I'm sure there are things that he does that I am forgetting to include here, but these are the ones that I can remember. Maybe if I think of something I'll add it later on. Or not, since I am kind of bad about doing that. He is growing and learning so much these days. It really is amazing and such a joy to watch him learn and change each day.


You are a delight and a joy in my life. I am so thankful for you. God blessed us richly when he put you in our lives. You are the sweetest little guy, so thoughtful of others, curious, full of energy and love. You are strong, determined, patient [most of the time], and full of giggles. I am so glad I get to spend my days with you and that you love spending your days with me. I pray that you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and that you love and obey him always. I pray that you will always seek after Him. You are loved and prayed for. Thank you for making me a mama. I love you to the stars, sweet boy.



Jillian said...

❤️ So sweet! Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

He is definitely at the age where he can eat what's on his plate or not at all. We've done it with Ais for six months. Kids this age will eat when hungry...even if it's something that they don't like. If she doesn't eat dinner, she makes it up at breakfast or lunch. And Ais' weight and health is not hurting AT ALL haha.