Friday, October 17, 2014

half days, cleaning, journals, and christmas presents

This Friday is looking to be a happy little day, though really, aren't most Fridays like that? There are a few things I have planned for today and some for this weekend...

one. Today is a half day for me. Bee's family is taking a little trip and they have to head out earlier than usual. I don't mind a half day [it's nice for a break and more time with Emerson, but not because well, I'm not working...]. Today is the perfect day for a half day though because Landon's parents are coming to visit us this weekend: a half day means more time to do a super clean of my house and go grocery shopping before they get here. Hopefully I can get that all done within the next few hours.

two. I was invited to a little get together tonight with some other girls, I know one of them. I'm sure they will all be nice and am looking forward to doing something [mostly talking I'm sure] with some other ladies.

three. One of my aunts recently shared this, and holy moly ... it nearly made me sob like a baby. It is so sweet and such a good reminder to really cherish each moment and day you have with your little ones. These days of sloppy kisses and reading together are fleeting.

four. I'm in need of a new journal. One of my favorite things is finishing one journal and starting to fill the pages of a new one. I used to journal every day, then it became sporadic, now it's become more of a prayer journal. If I don't write my prayers I get distracted so easily ... or I want to go back to sleep. I've been trying a few different ways of writing my prayers, but regardless of how I write, I have to write something, because otherwise I find myself thinking about dinner that night or what I'm going to wear that day or how much time I have to get ready before Emerson wakes up.... you know, important stuff. A new journal makes everything better. Yes, I get excited about paper. 

five. I'm starting to get ideas and actual gifts for Christmas right now. The gifts for the grandparents I've already started putting together, but I'm trying to get myself to work on them a little bit each day so I'm not rushing at the end to get it finished. I'm glad I just know what I have planned for them. Then there are a few other people that I'm trying to think of what I should get for them. And there are some things I really want to get for my sister but it's a little out of our Christmas gift budget price range... I'm trying to think of a way around it, but I can't come up with anything good. If you know of any awesome deals for the Erin Condren Life Planner, please let me know! I love that thing and it makes such a great gift... it's just a little pricey. For Emerson we aren't planning on getting him much, he really doesn't need it, but there is one thing I think would be so sweet for him to have this year, and to use for many years to come. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Hopefully you can enjoy some nice Fall weather and/or a pumpkin patch or something [that's just what sounds like the fun way to spend the weekend to me :]. 


Lauren said...

Elyse got that nativity set for her early December birthday one year & she LOVES it! Such a great gift! But you might not want to wait until Christmas to get if it to him!

Laura said...

That poem! Wowsers. I love new journals too. Have you heard of Mr. Ellie Pooh? It's kinda gross, but super cool. It's all 'paper' made out of Asian elephant poop. I love that it's fair trade and giving elephants a better name in a part of the world that wants to poach them all. I want Man Cub to get that Nativity too...maybe next year for him when he's 1.