Tuesday, October 28, 2014

laying on the floor with an elephant

Lately I've been spending lots of time laying on the floor. Not necessarily because it's something I choose to do, but because it's something I'm asked to do. If I'm discovered sitting, in the rocker or on the floor, two little hands will come over and start pulling me. Even though he doesn't tell me what he wants with words, it is evident that I am doing the "wrong" thing and that he wants me laying down on the floor. 

Sometimes after I'm laying right were he wants me, he'll bring be a book or a toy. Sometimes he'll just leave me be and go off and play or read on his own. Sometimes he'll steal the rocker and have himself a nice little comfy sit for a while. little stinker. 

I'll ask for [or get] one of his fluffier stuffed animals so my head can have a pillow of some sorts. After I have my "pillow" he will go off, dig through his bin of stuffed animals, come back to where I'm laying, drop his lamb [or bear or what have you] on the floor, then lay down right next to me. His head resting on his own little "pillow". Then he just looks into my eyes and a grin spreads across his whole face. I love when he does that. 

His little personality is shining through these days and I love it. He has his own ideas and thoughts, he knows what he wants and what he doesn't want [not always a great thing... for me at least], he is learning and discovering things each day. I think that's my favorite part about being a mama - watching him learn, discover, explore, and create new [and old] things. From him simply laying down next to me on the floor he is teaching me that he is watching everything I do. I am one of his biggest role models right now. What I do, he'll see -and probably do himself. It makes me think of the "Oh be careful little ears what you hear" song. I need to be the best I can not for me, but for the little one watching my every move. If I want him to learn something, it's my job to teach it to him: colors, shapes, animals... Oh, what a huge responsibility. But also a huge blessing. There may be challenging moments in this role, but they some of the best challenges I've had and I'm so glad they are mine and that they're making me into a [hopefully] better person. 

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