Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 4th ~ Happy Anniversary

I intended to write this on Saturday, as that was October 4th, the exact day we were married on six years ago... but life happened so I saved it for today :)

On Saturday Landon and I celebrated six years of marriage. Six whole years. It is crazy to think we have been married for that long; it makes me feel kind of old really. The bright side is that it's not just me that's getting older, but him too. So at least I have that going for me.

just ignore the bright sun in his face :) 

Since we were visiting his family this weekend we decided to go out for a little anniversary date. Free babysitting? Hard to turn that down. One downside [I guess?] is that we had just driven about five hours the day before and knew that the following day we were going to be making another five hour drive back home. Landon's from a small town, there's not much to do or many places to eat. If you want to go out, you have to leave the county and drive for at least 40 minutes or so. And that's just to get there. After thinking about and talking it over we decided that we didn't feel like being in the car for at least another hour and a half to two hours, depending on the restaurant. We also didn't want to miss out on the meal his mom was fixing for supper that night and the family time we knew would come with it.

So we thought we'd go have lunch somewhere. We went to The Winery [it is pretty impressive that there is one in his little hometown]. They have a decent menu with soups and sandwiches and the like, at dinner they have a few 'fancy' items. But for lunch it's sandwiches. just a little overpriced. But it was a fun little lunch date just the same. Since Landon knows "everyone" in town, we were even given a complementary glass of wine. Sweet of them. But gross. I don't drink. I don't like alcohol. It tastes so nasty to me. I took one sip and wanted to spit it out. Thankfully the glass they gave us was only a few tablespoons worth of wine.

Though lunch may have been a little simple we enjoyed the time out together. And on the way back we stopped at McDonalds for some ice-cream and coffee. We're fancy people I tell ya.

Sometimes I sit and think about all of the little adventures we've had together: getting married, moving to Texas, moving to Louisville, buying our first house, getting a puppy, going to grad school [both of us], the jobs we've had, a stint in D.C and another one in California, a mission trip to Dominican Republic with small group friends, his work trips, making new friends, starting a teaching career [me], having a baby, moving to Illinois, starting PhD school [him]. And all of the little things that happened during those big things. A lot has happened over the past six years. While some of the things are things that I had hoped for/wanted there are some things that happened that aren't what I had seen in our "life plan". But God has been good to us and I am thankful that He is with us each step of the way. I'm so thankful for the best friend I have in Landon and for all of our little adventures we've had. It will be exciting to see where the next six [x 50] will take us. He is the best guy I could hope to have in my life and the best daddy to Emerson. Life is better doing it with him.


Lauren said...

happy anniversary! we celebrated 7 years in May and it definitely made me feel a little old...is it bad that I can't even remember how we celebrated?!?

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!! :)

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Alisha said...

Happy Anniversary, sweet girl. Your family is just precious.

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Susannah said...

Awww... Happy belated anniversary!!! :-)