Monday, October 27, 2014

quiet mornings

We been having a few quiet mornings lately. Not that most mornings are loud and crazy, but it just seems as though the past few mornings have been exceptionally calm, quiet, and good. Some mornings we'll walk to the park if the weather allows and some we just stay in. Usually we get to do a little of both, which I happen to like a lot. 

The other morning Emerson found the bag of pom poms I had recently gotten at the store. Some for a craft and some just to play with. I dumped a few in an empty egg carton and he carried that thing around all morning long.

He would fill the little carton up then dump them out on the floor and then do it all over again. Who knew these little fluff balls were so amazing? [probably everyone but me...] They have found a few new homes over the past few days, but regardless the canister that holds them, they are played with all the time.

One of my favorite things is seeing this little guy discover and learn new things, even if it's just holding little pom poms in his fingers. I'm hoping these little things will help him learn his colors, or at least how to make piles of all the same color even if he doesn't know it's blue, red, or green.

A lot of our weekend was spent playing quietly with these little puffs of fluff. We did a few other things too, but I think I'll save that for another time. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are having a good start to your week!


Meghan said...

I plan to bring these out soon and hope they help teach noah his colors too!

Susannah said...

Ooo... Gonna tuck this away in my memory bank for when Caleb's older. :-)