Monday, October 13, 2014

the balloon and the weekend

We have spent the past few days enjoying a little of this and that and not doing to much of anything. On Friday evening Emerson and I stopped for a little shopping trip at the store and then we headed to campus to meet Landon. I packed a little dinner for Emerson since we were going bowling! Though, he mostly stuck to the crackers and pouches. I guess I can't really blame him. He had a lot of fun bowling, though he only rolled the ball down the lane once ... and it rolled so very slowly and eventually got stuck in the gutter ... he loved doing it. Most of the time though he just toddled around, tried to get the bowling balls off of the racks [good thing they're heavy], and rolled the balls on the carpet. It was a little event put on by Landon's department so there were other students in his program there. And even though Emerson was the only little one there and none of the students had children of their own, they were sweet to Emerson and very encouraging when he tried to bowl on the lane. Towards the end of the night he started clapping and cheering for people after they rolled their ball. It was so cute to see him cheer them on. It was a fun little outing and I'm glad I decided to bring E. Landon was going to go by himself, but I wanted to have a little fun too.

We didn't do too much the next day, Landon worked, we went grocery shopping. You know the usual. We had planned to go to the zoo... but it just didn't happen. Maybe another time?

Sunday afternoon the church we go to had a little Fall Festival so we headed that way. We walked around, Landon tried to get E to go on the big bouncy things -he was not a fan. Then he saw a balloon. And that is all he wanted. So, of course, we got him a balloon.

And he loved it.

I tied it to his little coat button, but he held onto it the whole time we were there. Chasing after it when the wind blew a little bit and making it bounce when he had a good hold on it.

He didn't want to pet the sheep or goats, he didn't want to paint a pumpkin. The only thing he wanted to do was play with that little balloon. So he did. From the time he got it until right before he went to bed that night.

Who knew the boy loved balloons so much?

It was a nice, wet, and chilly little weekend. But it was fun just doing this and that and of course, playing with a balloon.

I hope you all had happy little weekends :) 


Lauren said...

so precious! elyse LOVES balloons...I think I'll be having a lot of them around for the her 3rd birthday!

Danielle said...

That is so cute. My daughter loves balloons too. We have several blown up all of the house lol